Wii looks to pass Xbox 360 sales soon

By on August 13, 2007, 8:17 PM
According to new video game comparison site VGChartz.com, Nintendo's Wii is nearing the Xbox 360 in terms of total consoles sold, despite the year-long availability advantage enjoyed by Microsoft’s console. VGChartz, which claims to base its figures on over-the-counter sales data from a selection of retailers around the world, puts the Wii at 10.10 million units sold to date worldwide, just behind the 360's 10.32 million.

The Wii has been successful in both the US and Japanese market, while the 360s failure in the Asian region sees the console struggling to make up the difference. Meanwhile, VGChartz predicts that the PS3 has shipped 4.11 million systems, including 1.08 million in Japan, 1.78 million in the US and 1.25 million elsewhere.

Whether you take the numbers with a grain of salt or not, there is no doubt that the casual games and innovative gameplay strategy has paid off for Nintendo so far. However, it will be very interesting to see how the Wii performs in the future when high-definition graphics have really kicked in, will its appeal wear out? We’ll have to wait and see where this goes.

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retail user said:
I cannot believe you used vgchartz in a story. This guy is a thief who started out illegally posting numbers from market researchers around the world. When called on it, he pulled all of the researchers names off his site, changed the numbers a bit and came up with some lame methodology, says he has a group of retailers he uses and cannot stand on his own two feet without regularly trashing NPD, Enterbrain and ChartTrack, then he has the balls to say "I'm only a fan site so don't take me seriously". He thrives on attention and ad revenue generated from the sweat and hard work of others. You want the real scoop? Ask him for his full name, phone number, email address and list of retailers that you can contact to verify they're on his roster. If he responds with all of this, which any reputable "company" cited in the press would do, then I say he's worth taking a look at. Otherwise, shame on you for not passing Journalism 101. Truth is, he's terrified of being identiied because he knows there are co's after him for answers.
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