Nintendo criticized for Wii Zapper

By Justin Mann on September 14, 2007, 3:10 PM
The Wii is doing simply amazing. Whether due to its simplicity, design, wider market appeal or a host of other reasons, the console has sold amazingly well to the point where it's beginning to overtake the 360. Obviously Nintendo is doing something right. That's why when I heard about the Wii Zapper last week I was a lot less skeptical of it than I was of the Wii in the beginning.

Not everyone is happy with the new accessory for the Wii however. In fact, some are downright outraged. An article on Game Politics today showed some tidbits from a recent poll, with parents accusing Nintendo of introducing a violence element. They claim the Wii Zapper teaches children how to “aim and shoot”, going so far as to call it a harmful addition that will encourage real life violence.

I don't think I'm alone when I compare this to Jack Thompson and his ridiculous “murder simulator” accusations he throws at just about every new game that comes out. Let's not forget that Nintendo has done this before, with accessories such as the original NES Zapper and the Super Scope in the 80s and 90s. Did those devices turn a generation of gamers into murderers? I can't imagine confusing the Wii Zapper with a real weapon. What is the purpose of attacking a game accessory? Jack Thompson may have a lot of allies in New Jersey, it seems.

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PanicX said:
How can anyone take these hypocrites seriously? They're offended by kids learning to aim and shoot and the same time they have "Support our Troops" bumper stickers where the troops are a vast majority of kids that really kill. Personally I'm ANTI gun control and believe that everyone should know how to operate a fire arm. Otherwise you tip the balance of power in favor of criminals which is never a good idea. I don't personally own any fire arms because I have small children in my household, however when they are responsible enough I will teach them basic firearm use and safety.
miyu said:
Why not ban the sale of paintball kits that are sold at the local box stores such as Walmart too? They have proven through law enforcement to be more of a danger to the public then some Wii zapper. The problem with society today is that there is a lack of common sense among politicians and special interest groups
Julio said:
I agree that some politicians and many other so called advocates of consumer protection (like Mr. Thompson stupid...) have shown nothing but complete ignorance regarding the gaming market.
Kaleid said:
Has Thompson ever targeted (pun intented) America's Army?I suppose it's fine with killing if it's done to recruit soldiers for the American Empire (yep, read about PNAC).
miyu said:
Thompson is a conservative and republician and will never go after the army. Here is a guy that has shown that he wants to impose his religious and politicial views on others. Maybe people should stand up to this guy and get him kick off the bar. He is clearly using his position as a lawyer to an inappropriate way.
DragonMaster said:
How much different is it from the point-and-click method that the controller is already using? Also, has the NES Zapper, coming with every single NES really caused a problem 20 years ago?
yakwhacker said:
If parents are concerned, they shouldn't let their kids buy them. I don't see the problem. Remember Duck Hunt?
Fornacis said:
Nintendo Duck Hunt anyone? Society is so quick to blame video games for violence in kids when they need to stop letting TV's babysit them.
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