AMD announces triple-core Phenoms for early 2008

By Justin Mann on September 17, 2007, 8:25 PM
AMD is throwing the processor world for an interesting curve. While both AMD and Intel are eager to hype their quad-core platforms various reasons for each AMD is pitching something that Intel has yet to offer. A tri-core processor.

Why three cores? I'm not sure but today they announced that they will be adding triple-core Phenom processors to their roadmap for the near future. In a video posted to AMD's site, they pitched it as a CPU that gave a competitive edge in various markets, from desktops to enterprise. Their assertion is that quad-core and beyond are giving diminishing returns, particularly in the desktop market. Obviously, this means a price reduction between these CPUs and another quad-core variant of the same series.

It is a short video, and has more marketing speak than actual technical justifications, but is interesting nevertheless. Depending on the price different between dual, quad and now triple core processors, maybe they will have a fit on the desktop.

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miyu said:
Have to wait and see whether 4 or more cores will bring diminishing returns or not. Anyways, lower CPU prices are good for those that want to build a new computer with a tight budget. Even though this may seem like a nail in AMD's coffin, its not. Just a clever marketing.
Julio said:
If they can push the MHz (and hence performance) at the cost of the fourth (damaged?) core, and finally drop prices, it could work quite well for competing against Intel, even if not in the high-end.
ravisunny2 said:
'at the cost of the fourth (damaged?) core'The video clip ends with the modest claim :"through out design excellence and through our manufacturing capability"
Fornacis said:
Somebody wake me when AMD becomes a viable driving force in the processor market.
miyu said:
If it does fail AMD will not be called Advanced Micro Devices, instead it will be remembered as Awfully Manufactured Devices.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
About two years ago Tom's Hardware did a triple-core test - dual-core and single-core Opterons on a dual Opteron board:[url]
ores_better_than_two/[/url]Several applications had problems running on an odd number of CPU cores.
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