Sony announces 40GB PS3, 80GB $100 price cut for the U.S.

By on October 18, 2007, 10:13 AM
Following the introduction of a 40GB PlayStation 3 model in European territory earlier this month, Sony today confirmed the new entry-level edition of the console will be coming to the US as well. The stripped down 40GB model will retail November 2 for $399 featuring no backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 titles, two USB port instead of four and no memory card slots.

If backwards compatibility is a major concern for you, however, you’ll be happy to know that the announcement came with a further surprise: the 80GB units introduced in July will go down in price from $599 to $499.

Sony president and CEO Jack Tretton acknowledged that the $599 price point was probably too high for most consumers and said that the removal of backward compatibility is mostly to encourage people to purchase more games designed specifically for the PlayStation 3, and does not dramatically reduces the cost of manufacturing the console.

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Nirkon said:
What does "comes with no memory card" mean?you can't save games? <.< (I just don't know anything about the ps3..).and no ps2, but what about Ps1? :)
Fornacis said:
No PS2 compatibility? WTF.Guess I'll wait even longer to buy one.
Julio said:
It says no memory card slots which makes sense since you won't need to plug legacy cards from your PS2. It will use the hard drive to save PS3 games.
wild9 said:
'Sony president and CEO Jack Tretton acknowledged that the $599 price point was probably too high for most consumers'Hang on one second. The 40GB unit is being sold in the UK for £299/$611 US. So if you want to talk about high prices..UK consumers are paying MORE for a stripped-down product than the American's are for the full works.If this were a car you'd be taking out the leather seats, air-con, power steering and being charged much more for it..Sony has added around over a 50% mark-up on the 40GB model when it is being sold in the UK. Now the CEO tells us such a price is too high, even for the top-end 80GB model! So US consumers get not only a drastically cheaper 40GB model, but also $100 knocked off the price of the 80GB one. It is now cheaper to buy the top 80GB model in the US than it is the 40GB one in the UK ($499 vs. $611).The CEO thinks the price paid is too high yet obviously avoids the fact that in the UK a higher price is being charged for the 'recently introduced' low-end version. Practice what you, I mean actually practice it.If this is not a clear case of taking the urine out of British consumers I don't know what is. Those consumers do NOT appreciate being treated like dirt especially when Sony admits that removing PS2 compatibility does not significantly reduce the cost of manufacture; why remove it then?Two-faced, narrow-minded and spiteful..Sony has operated like this for years.[Edited by wild9 on 2007-10-18 20:20:41]
Supra said:
The memory card slots that they removed are the ones for SD cards and memory stick duos that the 60GB and 80GB versions had. To use memory cards from a PS1 or PS2 on any PS3 you need to buy the USB to memory card adapter for $15 at any store that sells the PS3. The new 40GB has the same full backwards compatibilty with PS1 games as the original 60GB version. The 40GB models main audience are for people who have a PS2 and are on the fence for getting a PS3.wild9, dont forget that microsoft does the exact same thing with their x360, the premium retails for 249GBP($510 US dollars) in the UK but its only $349 in the US.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Nearly all electronics and software has that price gap between the US and the EU.
wild9 said:
And not a bad gap it is, the point where an 'budget' model costs more than the 'deluxe' one.I do respect what you say about price variations between the US and EU markets, and appreciate fluctuations in exchange rates. Yet we have the CEO going on record - after the introduction of the UK's relatively expensive 40GB version - as saying the price paid is too high. Yeah..but only for some, it seems.The British in particular have had this somewhat uncaring, greedy attitude thrust upon them for years, with products such as automobiles; higher price, lower spec.Perhaps Sony thinks it's the done thing to jump on the bandwagon and milk these people for their last penny, which will no doubt leave a nasty aftertaste once their credit card statements come through the door. Oliver Twist eat your heart out ;)[Edited by wild9 on 2007-10-19 01:58:09]
bdavis96 said:
Dropping the support of PS2 and PS1 games on the cheaper 40GB would be comparable to Sony offering a cheaper Blu-Ray player that doesn't support DVDs. Especially since it won't affect cost much by dropping the support, that seems really brainless to me. I don't own any PS system. If I ever bought a PS3, it would be because I wanted to play all the Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Kingdom Hearts, etc games that I never got to play on the PS and PS2 and anything that comes out in the future (Final Fantasy XIII, etc). So with that said, I would have to buy the more expensive 60GB or 80GB models, or buy the 40GB model and a PS2. That is good for Sony's pocket, but it is keeping me on the fence until I can justify purchasing a PS3.Video Inputs. With DVD players, DVRs, other console systems, etc., by taking away support, now another item has to be added to the back of the television. If there isn't room, that means a user has to buy another television, manually switch cables in the back, or something else. That doesn't seem like doing things for the consumer.Something I wonder if they thought about. By keeping support for PS and PS2 in any PS3 they manufacture will create additional PS and PS2 (for those people who already own a PS or PS2). Those PS and PS2 systems can be given to friends and family that don't have those systems yet. That should create more fans of PS and possibly future buyers of PS3 (or beyond).Just my two cents.[Edited by bdavis96 on 2007-10-23 13:37:11]
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