RIAA fights paying attorneys fees to Tanya Andersen

By Justin Mann on October 18, 2007, 6:18 PM
The RIAA, along with the labels they represent, is very willing to take people to court and demands apeloads of money. We all know this and have seen it play it most dramatically in recent cases. Of course, they sure are happy when they win. When they lose, however, it seems they get cold feet when it comes to owning up to the responsibility.

The RIAA dropped a case against Tanya Andersen quite a while ago, prompting her to retaliate and ultimately seek not only a class action suit against them, but compensation for legal fees. The courts agreed with her, and said the RIAA should pay. They are unwilling to do this, however, and are fighting to avoid paying the fees. Even though the fees could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the RIAA feels that since there is still a “chance” she could be guilty, they don't feel justified in paying.

I guess by that logic that since there is a “chance” many of their targeted victims could be innocent, that none of them should have to pay any form of settlement.

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asyland said:
As more and more artists are making their music available to consumers without a major label, it becomes clear that we no longer need the greedy and corrupt RIAA. Learn the labels they represent, boycott them, and help put an end to this dinosaur once and for all. If they are so determined to resist changes in technology, to stifle innovation rather than adapt to it, and to alienate and ignore the public, then let's speak to them in a way that they will understand, with our wallets. Stealing music will only add legitimacy to their mafia style tactics. Let's starve the bastards in to oblivion.
phantasm66 said:
The arrogance. Its like they think they are above the law. I remember them discussing - quite openly - plans to destroy file sharers machines with malware. If others do it, its illegal, if they do it, its justified. Its the death cries of an industry that will be gone, gone, gone by the end of this century.
BNJ said:
It is our buying of music that keeps the RIAA in business. You think a one-week boycott of ALL music purchases might straighten them out? Just an idea.
phantasm66 said:
Maybe something bigger, but its possible with the internet. You'd need to understand publicity well.
Loquacious1 said:
Boycotting all music purchases would only serve to harm musicians, not the RIAA. We do like music don't we? Bad idea I'd think to punish the wrong people.That's an equivalent to boycotting meat to stop methane air pollution, many jobs and lives would be affected by this. Think ahead before boycotting anything. The RIAA will get theirs in time, and that time is forthcoming.
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