Blu-ray outsells HD DVD two to one

By on October 24, 2007, 2:49 PM
While the next generation format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD is far from over, Home Media Research is bringing us a quick update on the subject. According to the research firm, Blu-ray titles outsold competing HD DVD titles by nearly two-to-one in the United States during the first nine months of 2007, with a total of 3.01 million Blu-ray discs sold compared to HD DVDís 1.97 million.

Those numbers doesn't include sales of the recently released HD DVD-exclusive Transformers, which had the biggest debut of any high-definition titles, selling 190,000 copies in its first week alone Ė a figure which will probably continue to rise.

The report is not good news for either format, though. Both Blu-ray and HD DVD showed significant growth between Q1 and Q2, but slipped by big margins between Q2 and Q3. However, as we move towards the holiday buying season both formats are likely to see a boost in sales. Some analysts believe that newly released HD DVD titles with new advanced Web-enabled features along with HD DVD players selling at all-time low prices should invigorate sales and cause HD DVD to finish the year strong. Meanwhile, standalone Blu-ray players remain more expensive than HD DVD, but more are coming to market including a new $399 version of the PlayStation 3 console, which happens to be Sonyís best-selling Blu-ray player.

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phantasm66 said:
I am not BSing you guys here.And I can dig out evidence of me saying this.I've always kind of thought that Blu-Ray was going to win (although, it may still not!!)There was just something about it.I also just saw a pretty kick ass tv ad on, started just the other day, for Blu Ray, and its EXACTLY the kind of publicity that the format needs. Sold it to me, anyway. Made me want to go look at new flat screen HD TVs, too.You seem to see more Blu Ray disks in stores as well....Or is it just me?
PanicX said:
Not just you.I was at Best Buy to pick up Team Fortress 2 and they had a sweet demo display that did a split screen comparison of Blu Ray to DVD quality on a 60 inch Samsung HDTV. There was no similar HD DVD display. However its so disappointing to see movies released in only 1 format. My dad picked up a Blu Ray player for his new HDTV and was really pissed when Transformers was released as HD DVD only. Personally, I couldn't care less which format won the war, in fact, I'd be fine with both formats on the market as they do have slightly different advantages. But when the movie producers only back one format, they're doing everyone a disservice.
phantasm66 said:
I don't care who wins this stupid format war either.Ultimately, it doesn't even really matter which is superior - its the format that gets into customer's minds and hearts that's the winner, and so far Blu Ray looks to win the crown.[quote]Blu-ray Continues to Dominate in SalesPosted October 23, 2007 by JoshBlu-ray Disc A new report by Home Media Research concludes that Blu-ray software has sold at a factor of 2-to-1 over its rival HD DVD for the first nine months of this year. Current estimates put Blu-ray software sales at 2.6M units compared to only 1.4M units for HD DVD. Since the format launched, Blu-ray has managed to move 3.01M units compared to 1.97M for HD DVD.The report also states that consumer adoption has suffered due to having two competing formats. Having two formats has caused confusion and it may be a few years before high definition players becomes as standard as DVD players are today.[/quote][url][/url]
Julio said:
I always thought Blu ray was going to do better and apparently it is. However I recently picked up a 360 over a PS3 because of the current game line-up and ultimately became tempted to buy the add-on HD DVD drive that sells for $180. It's the cheapest way to get HD and movie title releases so far seem to be divided in half, so even if not a future proof solution, I just went for it. The 360 HD DVD works with the PC, too.
windmill007 said:
I think they are still way over priced. The TV and HD DVD players. Plus having two formats isn't helping much. When I can spend around $300 for a HD TV and around $100 for the player we will talk. I think i am like most people out there and don't have the $$ that is involved to get in HD then to have incompatibilities. It just doesn't make sence to the general population. I am hoping a better format comes out and blow both of those away and at a much cheaper price point. Really who cares which format wins. I say either have one format or have players that play both or I think both formats will continue to suffer. Owell I enjoy my plain jane TV and DVD player. Maybe in 2-5 years it will become affordable. I like how people say its affordable now. Ahh not really. If you have to spend way over $1000 for a HD setup and think that it's cheap.... I want your income!
phantasm66 said:
The prices will drop. They have already dropped. Think back a few years - a DVD writer used to cost like £500, now you can get one for £19.99!!! Same thing with this tech, already the HD TVs are a lot cheaper. The other kit will become cheap in time too.
slikkster said:
Let's see: Blu-Ray 3.01 Million, HD-DVD 1.97 million. 1.97 million is darn close to 2.0 million, no? 3.01 million might as well be 3.0. Bottom line is that it must be the new math here. It's certainly NOT 2:1, as that would be 4 million to 2 million. This is more like 3:2.And that's sales figures. Netflix reports that HD-DVD rentals preferences are far and away more popular than Blu-Ray. (
on-netflix/) Moms and Pops are not the types to buy a gaming console to watch movies on. The paradigm is to buy a standalone player, and that hasn't changed. Additionally, before anyone chimes in and says "But Blu-Ray discs can store more!", remember that only a miniscule percentage of the consumer pool cares about that. They want to watch HD movies, period. HD-DVD players are much closer to the acceptable norm dollars-wise for people to justify the purchase. Sony, et. al, never learn their lessons about overpricing. What WILL make a difference is if some company (ya listening, LG?) comes up with a dual format standalone player that's in the 300 dollar range. LG actually has a dual format optical drive for PC's that's been sold as low as $285. Here's hoping their standalones will come down that far. Then, no one will care what format the movies are on.
Toppler said:
the only reason i do not have an hd dvd player of any type is because of one thing. I am not going to spend 300 dollars a dvd player that could basically be put out of buissness and then me have to spend another 300 dollars to get the other player and replace my dvds. So as of right know i would get the blue ray cause it is doing better but what if blue ray goes out of buissness and i spent 1200 getting dvds and such. And that is ther other thing that annoys me. I dont want to buy one over the other because then i can not own all my movies as they only make certain movies on certain formats BAH![Edited by Toppler on 2007-10-26 13:02:54]
phantasm66 said:
I think a lot of others (including myself) feel like you do.I've bought none of this kit either.
socrfan said:
Well, I think there is more here than meets the eye. Some stores say they aren't going to stock HD. Huh? Why?? You go into others and there's a big, eye catching, display (put up by the store not the disk company) for BR while on the other side of the rack is HD with no fanfare at all. Easy to see one, easy to overlook the other.I have an HD and have had the opportunity to compare it with BR and can see no difference at all. For some reason BR is getting pushed while HD is getting shoved into the shadows. Has to make me wonder what's really going on. Makes no sense. Sales are sales.
ThomasNews said:
I've my hat in with HD DVD at the moment... Wal-Mart are stocking a HD DVD player now for $198 which should help the format in the US at least. From my perspective lower cost, region freedom & better standards give it the edge; while the whole size debate is moot - check reviews on sites like - for dual format releases on Blu-ray & HD DVD title they invariably provide the exact same video encode. Profile 1.1 only becomes mandatory for Blu-Ray next week which has resulted in some titles going to (frankly) ridiculous lengths to provide features the HD DVD version offered efficiently & easily, e.g. Terminator 3 Blu-Ray offers an IME by having separately encoded chapters of the film with the IME burned into it, played by branching during the feature.
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