Samsung Electronics to stop selling in Japan

By on November 9, 2007, 5:05 PM
In a very interesting move, electronics giant Samsung has announced it will retire its consumer products from the Japanese market, although this will not affect its Business-to-Business dealings of memory chips and LCD displays, the company said.

But perhaps this is not as surprising as it seems to us living in the Americas or Europe where Samsung enjoys of an increasingly strong presence in consumer electronics. Instead the company cited poor profitability as the reason they are retiring from Japan, which reportedly accounts for less than 1 percent of the company's total sales at approximately $9 billion.

Contrary to what we see in the U.S., where Asian manufacturers dominate consumer electronics, Japanese consumers seem to have a much stronger bias toward its own companies, namely Sony, Matsushita and Sharp.

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9Nails said:
I hate to say it, but Japanese countrymen are a racist bunch and this just helps to prove that. But not all of them. When I lived there, a few were quite interested in American Baseball Trading cards, Levi's jeans, and McDonalds Hamburgers.
Julio said:
I wouldn't confuse racism with nationalism which is a completely different thing and what you probably meant in the first place.
maikeru said:
Ouch, living in Japan has apparently jaded you a bit! Like Julio already mentioned, try not to confuse nationalism with racism, though there is a large grey area...Stories like this one - [url]
[/url] - tend to make everyone believe the Japanese hate all foreigners, which really isn't true.
spydercanopus said:
Samsung makes crap products and the japanese know it. Period.
howzz1854 said:
Japanese and Koreans haven't been getting along well for a long long time now guys... all my Japanese buds can confirm this. this has nothing to do with blah blah XYZ.
icye said:
It happens everywhere, when buying something that is from a company in your own country gives a sense of patriotic pride. Thats the bottom line.
PanicX said:
[b]Originally posted by spydercanopus:[/b][quote]Samsung makes crap products and the japanese know it. Period.[/quote]I hope you're being sarcastic. Samsung is one of the best if not the best LCD manufacturers in production. They were also the first LCD manufacturer that I know of to offer a Zero Dead pixel policy on their LCD's.
Japan is racist and thats it. Ya they have a lot of "national" pride but its not possible for people to become a citizen in Japan unless your born there "also true for a few other countries"... Everyones knows it that they favor their own companies to the extreme and they think their superior... They just know how to act pleasant to people they believe there better than.
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