Microsoft releases XP SP3 release candidate to testers

By on November 20, 2007, 5:04 PM
Following the release candidate preview for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 which was made available to testers earlier this month, Microsoft has begun rolling out an updated test version of Windows XP Service Pack 3 to about 15,000 beta testers.

A public test version of the service pack, which will be the last major update to the aging operating system, is expected “at a later date” followed by its final release sometime in the first half of 2008. Microsoft has said little about what will be in Windows XP SP3, leading to much speculation over the timing and features of the release, which will likely be a roll-up of existing hotfixes.

The final release of the first service pack for Windows Vista is also due out in the first half of next year, and is likely to be released ahead of XP SP3 in a bid to encourage XP users to upgrade to Vista.

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wolfram said:
"and is likely to be released ahead of XP SP3 in a bid to encourage XP users to upgrade to Vista."Hehehehe, no thanks. I'm fine with XP for a few more years =D
bushwhacker said:
I'm staying on 2000 and XP. End of story.
phantasm66 said:
Windows Vista is doing me just great. I wish people would stop being so narrow minded about it. This was what everyone said when XP came out... they moaned and groaned about not liking it, and swore to stay with 98. Its a very narrow view, actually. Vista offers a number of key advancements.
windmill007 said:
Vista may offer stuff for the newbies but us power users know better. You want to get work done... Stick with 2000/XP. This is not what people said when XP came out. Because tt was way different....It was a different platform because most people were on 98. Vista is the same platform as XP ...just takes alot more clicks to get stuff done. Very pretty it is.. but if I lose speed, even if its marginal, what is the point? Let alone that it is slower because of what it is (Lots of shinyness)...its also slower because stuff is takes more clicks....that really annoys me as I'm sure it does other power users. Seriously I'm sick of these vista defenders...just because you got it with your shiny new PC and it works awesome..that is fine...but were you previously an XP POWER user or just a general user? Most power users don't think VISTA is awesome from what I've read. Have you ever read Maximum PC? They make fun of it every chance they get plus systems get lose points in the ratings for using it. That should tell you something or at least tell power users something.
]{nIgh7]{cawl3r said:
I have to agree with windmill007. No matter how you look at it, Vista is not in the same boat XP was when XP first came out. In fact, people complain XP had problems when it was released. But I, as a power user myself, don't recall more than a couple problems. I took a Gateway machine made to run windows 98 and put XP on it no problems whatsoever. Driver compatibility was there for all the systems I put XP on. The only problem I had was when the OS was codenamed Whistler. The Beta stages were junk. And wth kind of tune were these guys whistling to codename an OS as Whistler. XP had much more of a smoother transition period. Vista should be even more smoother because of the fact that they ARE the same platform. If you so called Vista advocates bother to do your homework and look up things like this, we wouldn't be having this discussion. But for the sake of education I will help you. If you follow this link [url][/url] and look at the Windows NT Releases section, you will see that Vista is just and upgraded version of the same platform XP runs on. And if you do a COST analysis, and consider the pros and the cons, you will all the time come up with XP as your top choice. There is nothing Vista has that XP doesn't. And if you want to dispute the DirectX10 factor. Then I say please, thats Microsoft's way of trying to monopolize your money. There are already patches out there in the works that are fixing this problem. Back when XP came out it ran only DirectX8, and you had to upgrade to DirectX9. To not release it for XP is to say "F You!" to your user fan base. And so with people working on patches for this, I will never upgrade to Vista, EVER. Now do yourself a favor and educate yourself, don't be ignorant and let some rich turds rape your wallet.
papercut_2008 said:
Wow, you guys seem really pissed off. Why can't you just let people have their opinion? Just like some people like Macs and some like PCs, some like Vista and some like XP. It's really not that big of a deal. What works for others may not work for you, but you shouldn't go around chastising people and calling them ignorant.
]{nIgh7]{cawl3r said:
the word "ignorant" is not a put down, it's a mere acknowledgment. If i was a real **** i would have shouted names at him, but I didn't. The only ones who got the name calling was Microsoft. I dislike Microsoft and their twisted tactics very much. Even though I am a long time Windows user and a computer enthusiast. I know what works, and I know for some people different things work better. I had a boss who was a pure Linux guru. Linux is by far the more superior OS, but for ease and simplicity, it still has much work to do. But it is working on just that. Mac OS X is the best sexiest thing to happen to computers, it uses the UNIX command shell, but has the simplicity of making a PB&J sandwich. I work with all the different OSes, and when I say ignorant, it surely doesn't mean something bad, in fact lemme paste the deffinition here for you. Again, I go to the internet and use it! [url=]ig
no·rant[/url] /ˈɪgnərənt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ig-ner-uhnt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation–adjective1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.3. uninformed; unaware.4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statementNow given the definition, you now understand that the word ignorant is not at all a put down. Lets not get off subject and start pointing fingers and saying "you said this and that." Don't start mis-conveying the idea here and turn it into something that it is not. What I am simply doing is pointing out a few facts and giving a little education. Lastly, JUST because i put a word in caps does not mean anger, it is simply putting emphasis around the word. If i wanted to sound angry, you would know. SOOOO, back on subject, Vista is crap, pleeeaaaasssseee do your homework before making a big decision like investing your money into something that is broke, while furthering the cause of selling junk to the American people.
peas said:
Vista definitely has its share of problems. People tend to notice the UI because that's what they see. What most people don't see are the changes under the covers. Vista has substantial improvements in page table efficiency, kernel memory availability, graphics and network architectural enhancements, etc etc.. I'm not just saying this looking at a powerpoint marketing slide. I've worked on Vista drivers.The biggest problem I see with Vista is the extensive DRM integrated into the OS. For that reason alone, I have resisted upgrading to it. When someone finds good way to permanently disable that DRM garbage, I will seriously consider upgrading. The UI changes are very annoying in some cases (twice the number of clicks as XP to get to a final window page, for example), but I can live with that.
PanicX said:
[b]Originally posted by phantasm66:[/b][quote] This was what everyone said when XP came out... they moaned and groaned about not liking it, and swore to stay with 98.[/quote]I remember those days. Problem was that I had already switched to Windows 2000 which was a "Never going back" experience for me. When XP came out, it looked to me like a Windows 2000 service pack sold as an OS upgrade that included ACTIVATION *gasp*. Now I'm all for privacy advocates, but my biggest upset was that I pirated Windows on several machines and thought that the Activation would put an end to that practice. So clearly Windows XP was a no go. Until of course a beautiful Volume License ISO came my way with a working key. Since then I've been fully on board with XP as it has several improvements over 2000, particularly with a Server 2003 domain.But when it comes to Vista, defacto standard its "Incompatible" with a SBS 2003 server. It still lacks drivers for many popular HP printers. And could someone please explain the fastest way to get to Local Area Connection properties? I swear I spend 10 minutes trying to find it every time I troubleshoot one of the workstations.I admit it has some really cool changes, but I can't help but feel like Microsoft broke XP to cram in some poorly designed bling, add some must haves, then charge an arm and a leg for it.Unfortunately I haven't pirated Vista to get some first hand experience with it on my daily PC's, all my experience is from client purchases without my consultation (which I love because its just more billable hours for me).
DiggityDoggie said:
I couldn't agree more with "Windmill and Knightcrawler" I do everything on my pc, from editing videos to watching movies, playing games etc. One major thing about vista that still has not been improved yet is gaming. I've tried every Microsoft Os, Xp 32 bit, xp 64 bit, vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit and both vista's can't even play games(run 3d apps) as efficiently as xp 32 bit can. On xp 64 bit, the one that actually lets me see all 4GB of my ram is better at running 3d apps than both vistas, but sadly the 32 bit of xp is even better. For me anyways and I have a c2d e6700 64 bit cpu. On xp 32 bit I am only seeing 2.5GB of my 4GB but it sure runs nicer. I've been bouncing back and forth from xp to vista everytime I hear of a new update and none has made any improvements for me. I'm going to stay on xp for a few more years for sure. What windmill said about all those clicks, NO KIDDING! it can be very frustrating to have to put up with so many clicks that take an extra bit of your time, but if you added all those clicks up throughout the hours of trying to power use your computer, you'd lose a half hour maybe more of just clicking. XP is the way to go right now and for the next two years at least. I wish they would just support this XP forever. I can stay used to it forever. The government wants to make us all switch to digital tv's by 2009, they want us to move to vista, it's like their positioning theirselves to control us all! god knows what they got planted in vista to monitor us, or the new tv's that might have mini cams planted on the interior side of the screen that is a mirror like you see in interrogation rooms if your were looking out of the tv from the inside...think about it lol...kinda scary if you ask me but I'll stop now. XP rules![Edited by DiggityDoggie on 2007-11-22 07:40:45]
link590o said:
ladies and germs, i'd like to point out that this is more of a place to comment on the work of the writer rather than the subject matter. as a matter of fact, i'd like to request moving this discussion to an appropriate what kind of person would i be to suggest that and not have a forum in mind? :Di joined and keep tabs on a thread where you can discuss exactly this. it's called "Thoughts on Vista/What is Your Problem With Vista".here's the link:[url][/url]you can express any opinion, or seek to educate to whatever degree you wish in there. i would also suggest reading through some of the other posts. they have some interesting things to say in there. check it out :D
Julio said:
Link590o:Just a clarification, this IS a place to comment on the news topic not the writer's work, just like with the forums you are more than welcome to post here your comments/thoughts on whatever the news topic is about.windmill007:It's ok for you to defend your arguments and make a point on why you believe Vista is crap, but your post was still overly aggressive and if I see behavior like that again I may have to ban you... personal flaming (or anything close to it) is absolutely forbidden:[url]
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