Warner sides with Blu-ray in high-def format war

By on January 4, 2008, 6:15 PM
In what could be a major blow to the HD DVD camp, Warner Brothers today officially announced that it has sided exclusively with Blu-Ray as its high-definition video format of choice, meaning the Toshiba-backed format will be left with support from just two major studios: Universal Pictures and Viacom’s Paramount Pictures.

Warner had been publishing its new high-definition DVDs in both Blu-ray and HD DVD but, in “response to consumer demand” and to avoid further confusion among customers, it will phase out HD DVD production by May of 2008.

The battle between the two technologies has left consumers scrambling to predict which format might prevail. While there is still no clear winner, Warner’s switch is expected to lead to 70 percent of all HD movies shipping only in Blu-ray, giving customers less incentive to buy HD DVD hardware – despite its price advantage over Blu-ray.

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shl0791 said:
hopefully, WB is saying MS should give them a better offer by may 2008.
nirkon said:
The difference between Blu-ray and HD DVD is minor, that I'd rather go for the cheaper one rather than the expensive one, everyone should move over to HDDVD.
windmill007 said:
I agree I could really care less. I will not do any HD till it actually makes sense. If I work in a tech enviroment and am holding off how do you think the general confused consumer feels. These wars are not really helping anyone except drive down the price. I still say they should of just did HDDVD and made it backwords compatable and no one would be confused. Why the heck throw blueray into the mix? Its really no better than HD. If it was 10X better then yes..But who really cares? Its more expensize and anyone I know who actually is doing any HD went with HDDVD because it actually makes some sense and cheaper. But now if they go any try to get movies and half are only one one format it will just make them mad. Either do both on players or just dump this whole HD thing till they actually get something out there that makes sense. Actually I think they will hurt themselfs till its to late and most people will just be downloading thru highspeed. Thats what I do.
eddie_42 said:
Just my 2 cents on the format 'war'...Its not about which is cheaper, or which is more user friendly. The simple fact of who will win come down to basic psychology. If you want your brand to sell, it needs to have a name the consumer can remember; i.e. Blu-Ray wins. HD-DVD is bland, and as we all know, it stands for High Def - DVD, gasp..Blu-Ray is High-def DVD's, and they have a name. I think WB made a good choice and as hard as HD-DVD fights, they wont win.
Julio said:
This comes as a major blow to me (HD DVD user through the Xbox 360 add-on), though I have to admit I always said Blu-ray was superior albeit more expensive.
Betamax vs VHS which would u remember better? and Betamax lost...
Eddie_42 said:
I see your argument, but its flawed. Most importantly, that was an entirely different generation of people, and a generation that wasn't wrapped around the advertisers finger. Tons of mom & pop stores, very little national chain department stores. Everything was localized and people supported the businesses in there community more then ever.Secondly, as much as you dont want to believe it, VHS won because of the adult film industry. They chose VHS and amazingly the multi-billion dollar a year industry won out. Crazy. Now-a-days we have the internet and high-speed.Different worlds we live in
crumbz said:
Let's step back and look at both formats... HD DVD is a DVD on steroids. Blu-Ray is from the ground up, sure it's the same physical size as a DVD, but the technology that drives it really opens it up. 60Gig of storage on a single disc. For the home consumer, they probably could care less about the additional storage - however, for those that do video work, the additional storage is a huge benefit. We won't even go into the massive games that the PS3 can create on that single disc...Now, we all know that Betamax had superior quality over VHS... but VHS won and we sacrificed quality for what? Then the DVD came out, and quality was returned to us. Now we face the high-def battle... blu-ray offers quality (as does HD DVD), but it also offers quantity - and above all else, a new platform on which to develop and expand. Conventional DVD is done... let's actually move forward, and not just into the next room. Blu-ray is the answer. If you doubt... do a google on the transformers movie, and see that the director wanted it released on Blu-ray... but was denied by the studio... And I wonder why... perhaps the $150million offered up by HD DVD to secure it to that format??? Transformers looks great on DVD, too. :) I can wait for it on blu-ray, it's only a matter of time now.
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