Dell acquires MessageOne for $155 Million

By Justin Mann on February 12, 2008, 11:37 AM
Dell is expanding their online services, delving into e-mail services with a recent acquisition. For $155 million in cash, Dell is adding MessageOne to their portfolio, with the intention of adding on to their services for enterprise-class customers. It is another example of large businesses expanding not by new development, but by acquiring smaller companies looking to sell or struggling to stay afloat. Dell alone has acquired a total of four other companies in just recent history, marking a change (if slight) in the way they do business.

A lot of this is in response to HP, who already has a suite of offerings for larger companies that make them a more attractive option. Overall Dell has seen many changes in the past five years, many of them good for the company, such as abandoning the concept of not selling in retail and expanding their online sales.

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thejedislayer said:
Personally, I find it curiously odd and a bit ******** that larger companies are consuming smaller, less worthy companies all of a sudden (Excluding Yahoo of course). The idea that there will be hardly any small/medium companies and just the big super giants like Dell, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc, is rather becoming more and more concerning to me. The market in my opinion is just going to be dwindled down to a few major companies who are going to have an all out war for the PC market in different areas. That may not be bad for competition, as prices may be driven down considerably for technology, but what about having a wide variety of different choices to choose from? All I see is Microsoft going nuts, Google dominating the online search market, and many independent companies disappearing and being consumed. Personally, I think it's bad for the technology market and the development for technology in general. I'm no economist either but I'm definitely smelling trouble coming in the next few years if things continue the way they've been going for quite awhile now.[Edited by thejedislayer on 2008-02-12 13:03:04][Edited by thejedislayer on 2008-02-12 13:03:31]
Julio said:
Consolidation is not necessarily a bad thing, In fact many of those smaller companies depending on what foundations they are built upon have a long-term financial need of a takeover or further investment from bigger players.Perhaps some overreaction on your part, it's not just Google, Dell and MS out there, even when at times it looks like it ;).
thejedislayer said:
Yes, I can see from your point of view and I agree. I also know it's not just those companies, but also other's who aren't getting quite as much attention as the one's I was complaining about earlier. However, I still think that perhaps technology may be affected in it's development if there's a handful of major companies, some medium, and few small.Think about it. A few days ago there was a news article posted here saying what might happen if Microsoft and Yahoo joined together. Imagine the integration of MSN and Yahoo services put together with only one team working on both of them. Yes, at first their different, but overtime they start to show noticeably similar things etc. That is also my major concern.
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