Microsoft not worried about HD DVD

By Justin Mann on February 18, 2008, 8:02 PM
Microsoft was one of the earliest adopters of HD DVD, going as far as offering support for the format as an add-on for the Xbox 360. In the light of slipping sales, they lowered prices along with other manufacturers' standalone players, but that alone could not save the format.

Now with the apparent death of HD DVD, Microsoft claims they are not shaken by this, saying that HD DVD format debacle will not have a “material impact” on its console sales. And in a sense, they are probably right since nobody buys a 360 for HD DVD support alone. Microsoft said in a statement today, they will wait for news from Toshiba before making any decisions. But with most things said and done by now, it's likely this will pushing them to offer Blu-ray eventually. The rumors already started today as we informed you earlier.

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9Nails said:
I don't see it so plain and simple. It seems that now Blu-Ray is the adopted standard and Microsoft lacking any counter-attack against Blu-Ray support, the Xbox 360 now looks like it's missing a feature that Sony is holding as a significant advantage.In one respect, this article is true, Microsoft stands little to lose if the SKU for their Hd-DVD accessory should go away. But on the other hand, their competition now has a significant feature that they are lacking.It's my opinion that Microsoft will need to counter-attack this feature with a low cost external Blu-Ray drive accessory. And I feel that somehow this accessory plus an Xbox 360 should equal the cost of a standard PS3 system, just so that consumers can equally compare features to features.
howzz1854 said:
isn't that what this article just said. i believe techspot also mentioned in a previous article that microsoft is getting ready its Blue-Ray addon drive. either way blue-ray won, but still won't sway the gamers from their gaming choices. Wii will still be the most popular console, then xbox then PS3.
phantasm66 said:
Microsoft never gave a damn about HD DVD, I think. Not really. They want people to move to using a home server with hard drive based storage. Optical media might well be on its way out soon enough when technologies like Amazon's S3 take off.
icye said:
By the time Microsoft decides to make a Blu-Ray optical available, Sony's ps3 will have left X-Box 360 in its dust. The ps3 is a versatile Blu-Ray player that is affordable for most people. Many people don't just buy a ps3 for games, they use it for playing back Blu-Ray movies.
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