Comcast pays people to fill seats at FCC hearing

By on February 27, 2008, 6:54 AM
The FCC, prompted by complaints about Comcast possibly blocking access to file-sharing in order to better manage its network load, held a hearing on Monday to determine if the practice is “reasonable”. But just how big are the stakes in this so-called network neutrality debate? Apparently, big enough for the cable operator to actually pay people off the street to attend early and effectively keep some of its opponents out of the room.

A Comcast representative acknowledged that they indeed paid some individuals to attend, though she denied that the company was attempting to keep out the public, stating that they were only waiting in line for Comcast employees who had been encouraged to attend. Some of those placeholders, however, did more than wait in line: they filled many of the seats at the meeting and actually slept through the proceedings. Clearly, Comcast will resort to just about any tactic to stack the decks in its favor.

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windmill007 said:
I hope comcast pays dearly and shows the ISP's that they can't restrict internet access. You restrict one thing you will open a can of worms. If your network can't handle the load either upgrade your equipment or as much as I hate start metered access. I myself would never use metered and I'm sure they would lose alot of customers. You restrict or start metering now someone will just come along with free open access and put you under. Net Neutrality FTW
icye said:
The best way is to have customers cancel their Comcast accounts, then the company will lose money and understand not to screw with customers in such ways. Throttling speeds is stupid because there are many legal uses for torrents such as new Linux versions, game demos, basically any file that is too large and would take too long to download.
howzz1854 said:
WTF, i hope FCC is reading this.... this is ridiculously bananas!
siiix said:
its stupid anyhow to "block access to file-sharing" what they think protocols would not be updates? in the end the endusers internet would barely work do to all the restrictionsthis is not the way to fight illegal downloadsbesides thats not what they want to do anyhow, they just try to be cheapmaybe rater they should do it with (flat rate) mobile broadband = till certain gig its full speed, if you above they contention speed is reduced till end of that month
Deathstar17 said:
Now this is why I will never use Comcast...
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