Microsoft offers all-cash to Yahoo

By Justin Mann on March 6, 2008, 1:21 PM
Microsoft is still nipping at Yahoo's heels, trying to get the company to roll over and be bought out. In the other hand, it's been a PR nightmare for Yahoo, who is suffering setbacks from its own investors as well as struggling to find another way out.

Microsoft has other aces up its sleeve, however. Most currently, the company has changed the nature of their offer to Yahoo, from a stock/cash option to an all cash offer. This is a definite sweetening of the deal for Yahoo which may get some of the disapproving Yahoo board members to warm up to the software giant. Yahoo has already rejected Microsoft advances more than once however, so if it is simply a Microsoft buyout they want to avoid this may not do anything on their favor.

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thejedislayer said:
For some reason, I actually feel sad for Yahoo with this hole mess.
icye said:
Yahoo! situation is pitiful these days and vultures like Microsoft want to take advantage of it. MS either will f**k up Yahoo! or in some miracle fashion get things right, which is a long-shot.
thejedislayer said:
I think they'll gut the company and integrate everything they have into their own.
spydercanopus said:
[b]Originally posted by thejedislayer:[/b][quote]I think they'll gut the company and integrate everything they have into their own.[/quote]Yahoo is worth more as they are --at least for now. They'll slowly try to migrate people to "Live" and then gut it maybe 5 - 10 years from now.
thomasxstewart said:
Microsoft bought Yahoo in 1998 & has repeatedly tried to buy company that is already owned by microsoft. That blips stock price up, yet costs microsoft nothing, as it is hard to pay yourself, no matter what amount. it rube that dumbies, such as investment brokers might fall for, having othrs monies in their hands, yet it is unlikely that any good will come of such offers.Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D.
shrimpwagon said:
I am a Yahoo email user and will definitely leave if Microsoft buys them. Microsoft is only in business to make profits and not quality products/services. You can see this with IE 7 and Vista. Microsoft has stolen every good software idea that they implement. It is no surprise that they want to "buy" Yahoo's work instead of creating their own quality service. I doubt this buyout would really help Microsoft anyways. They need to reassess their corporate philosophy.
siiix said:
are there no more laws against monopoly's ? whats gona take for the government to step in ? this is complete BS what corporations do this days
icye said:
Microsoft does have a monopoly in the operating system and office suite market, people can debate that they don't but the reality is they do. Large areas at the local stores are dedicated to showcasing the different versions of Windows Vista. All the demo computers are setup with Vista or XP. Another area that have large displays is Office 2007. When I was working at the computer store, people HAVE A CHOICE of whether to install Windows or not. The majority WANTED Windows and the ones that did not, installed their own version of Windows. Nobody came up and had the technicians installed Linux on their systems because they are only aware of 1 operating system, Windows.Some of the more significant areas that Microsoft will never have a monopoly in are: video game consoles, browsers, keyboard/mice and the online search/advertising. If they can't beat them, Microsoft wants to buy them out and steal their technology for themselves like what they are trying with Yahoo!
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