Circuit City offers HD DVD trade-in program

By Justin Mann on March 6, 2008, 4:34 PM
With the death of HD DVD, a lot of early adopters felt betrayed by Toshiba and its vendor partners for giving up on the format, and just consequently they might feel they wasted a chunk of money in a technology that barely lasted enough to make it worthwhile. Circuit City is now trying to improve PR a bit offering a trade-in program to its customers.

Circuit City is extending its usual 30-day return policy to 90 days for customers who purchased HD DVD players, in exchange they can get store credit good for a Blu-ray replacement (The policy doesn't apply to HD DVD movie discs). Although the word has rapidly spread on the web, the retailer doesn't plan to promote the trade-in, so customers will have to prompt the store for them to take action. Regardless, it sets a good example for any other former HD DVD vendor and is a spark of hope to the early adopters.

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peas said:
trade in a $100-200 HD-DVD player for a $500 BR? Consumers, bend over and take it up the arse from Sorny.
spydercanopus said:
Your old HD-DVD player will sit there and remind you what a dumb ass you were for buying into this tech before the format war was over. If you're over 35 then you're a DOUBLE dumb ass because you should have been here before with betamax/vhs.
trinitibt said:
Ah yes! The good old Betamax/VHS war days. Sweet sweet memories. I'm 35 and bought a PS3 in March 07 because I did plenty of due diligence for months to know that not only was BR going to crush HDDVD, but 360 was going to have some real comp and problems once Sony got wind in their sails. The people that lost out bought into the marketing hype or were simply XBox fanboys and didn't do their homework. People can't be pissed and blame anyone but themselves. A lesson that spills over in all areas of life and separates the foolish from the wise. Circuit City is only doing this to boost PR & BR sales. They couldn't care less just like Toshiba. That's what they get for selling the HDDVD units so cheap. They may have even been able to be more profitable and stick around longer. Cheaper is not always better. Sony stood their ground and came out on top. A valuable lesson to be learned for this generation of consumers.
raziel said:
Those of you that think BR won because it's a superior format, continue to smoke that pipe laid by Sony!! It has nothing to do with a superior format, the BR hardware is already being upgraded with firmware and hardware revisions!! There were NOT A SINGLE REVISION for the HDDVD, it was properly engineered so that there was no need for updating the firmware. The ONLY reason that BR is on top is because Sony has DEEP pockets. That's the only reason, and Sony couldn't afford to loose ANOTHER format.Beta - LOST, Minidisk - LOST/worthless, UMD - LOST, and they couldn't afford to have their flag-ship VIDEO GAME SYSTEM (Note, VIDEO GAME SYSTEM) fail because of format issues because they were selling it as a cheap BR player. And the majority (like 75% if memory serves me correctly) of the PS3s that have been purchased, are being used JUST as a BR player, not even for games!! Talk about a way to bend the consumer over!!So, the Sony fan-boys that think whatever they want, continue to smoke that pipe Sony feeds you. Maybe, someday, you'll gain the ability to think for yourself and not listen to the crap that is fed to ya.
loquacious1 said:
Oooo, yet another satisfied Sony customer! LoLYa don't want to know what I think of them, scald this page right off the web...OK, here's a toned down version so it doesn't seem a cop out - Sony wears girly undies, still sucks on a pacifier and has a mattress protector on their beds! How's that for anger? Those big doodie heads...I have a Toshiba LCD TV and DVD recorder... want to know what I think of them?[Edited by loquacious1 on 2008-03-11 12:35:20]
icye said:
Don't we just love it how some people like to act tough while hiding behind anonymous screen names?
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