Blu-ray's BD+ protection cracked

By Justin Mann on March 20, 2008, 5:52 PM
The DRM struggle between consumers and media giants continues, it seems, with the upper hand now with those who want media freedom. AACS was cracked long ago amidst much controversy, so the Blu-ray Disc Association turned to BD+ which came out last year. Once again, an “unbreakable” technology was broken, with BD+ next on the list of defeated copy protection mechanisms.

Software such as AnyDVD HD are now capable of stripping titles of their encryption, giving people with newer movies the freedom to use them as they see fit again, and not how vendors think they should use them. No statements have arised yet from the BDA, but it wouldn't be surprising if they predicted doom and gloom if people are allowed to copy Blu-ray movies as they wish.

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hughjass said:
As if you wouldnt.This leaves massive potential for someone to develop a system that cant be cracked, you could make billions if successful.Im thinking mabey a continously changing chaotic encyrption system.
windmill007 said:
Everything can be cracked somehow.... Sorry to say. Save the money and lower your prices. Give people freedom and lower prices and they will support ya. The only ones that usually pay for the DRM / encryption are the legit consumers. When will these companies learn. Why you think you are seeing drm free songs. Because the only ones that stopped was legit people who wanted to do what they want so they ended up using limewire or something and getting it without drm.
slumbergod said:
There was a time I used to buy everything but that was long ago. I am tired of changing formats (LPs, cassettes, CDs, VHS, DVDs) and it costs a fortune. Then there is the issue of copy protection and regioning. Last week I bought my first DVD in *ages* only to find that the disc was missing 5.1 because it was not region 1. That was very infuriating.I will not adopt blu-ray. I like the convenience of digital downloads. Music and movie companies are greedy and arrogant and piracy is largely a result of their own actions.Punish your legitimate customers and you will lose them.
phantasm66 said:
And this is a surprise why exactly?
Didou said:
I think the only reason Blu-Ray does not have a finished specification (as can attest they latest 2.0 profile) is so that they can keep adding/changing the protection. I'm sure further down the line you'll start seeing movies with "Minimum System Requirements" on the back.
black_adder said:
I've notcied that alot of Game companies are giving up wasting there time and money on Advanced protection... there isnt a game in history that hasnt been cracked in some way or another... Steam came closest, but because of all the protection hype, people tried harder and Faster...The more you tell people its impossible, the harder they try, its a challenge! LEARN
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