Nvidia's CEO bold statements, "opening a can of whoop ass"

By on April 10, 2008, 4:54 PM
If we ever doubted of ATI's capability to push Nvidia forward with better products and further innovation, there may be a third player that could spice up the graphics mix for a change.

During this year's IDF, Intel revealed scarce yet very interesting details on future GPU products they are currently working on. This is not the first time we have the #1 CPU maker hyping graphics products just to under deliver later on with its widely used yet very criticized integrated graphics.

Some of Intel's comments didn't sit well with Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang though, who literally told analysts today "we're going to open a can of whoop ass" during the company's financial analyst meeting. Huang was very upfront on saying that current Intel graphics implementations are "a joke" (we agree) and that even if Intel was to improve their performance tenfold by 2010, they would barely be on par with current Nvidia products.

So much name calling, but so little hard facts regarding future products, unfortunately. After looking at the latest Nvidia products, it's somewhat safe to assume that another at least partly new GPU that can boost performance using a single GPU should be in the works for later this year. And going by the CEO's claims, Nvidia should be putting further emphasis on integrated solutions as well, we can't wait.

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HAHAHAHAHA Seriously that's great, Big companies and CEO's should really connect more with the mass and talk our language more.
neurosys said:
w00000 go nvidia! I love nvidia and I always have... during my naval deployment I had to use a laptop and had the bad fortune to get an ATI grafx laptop. Never again. Nvidia you are the light and the way. I read techspot almost everyday and I've just picked up the 9800 GX2 1GB and I must say that this thing is a can of whoopass waiting to be opened. btw... Crysis is my ***** now.
icye said:
Talk is cheap, bring out a product that can back up those words.
jesse_hz said:
[b]Originally posted by icye:[/b][quote]Talk is cheap, bring out a product that can back up those words. [/quote]+1Press releases and statements from CEOs and the like, are not to be trusted or taken seriously. I want to see some product, before I'll believe any of this bull.
canadian said:
I would gladly take the bull if it came with a 9800 GX2
tibby.dude said:
Just like their Riva killed off 3DFX Voodoo so will something revolutionary come out that will kill them off as well.Nephalim - Hebrew meaning "those causing others to fall". :)Heck no wonder Huang is talking up the market for their overpriced discrete graphics cards.
9Nails said:
If they put a 6800 GT on a desktop board, then I'd take notice. The GeForce Go cards are pretty nice for what they do as well. But for serious consideration, the chip must come with it's own RAM (not shared from the system) and fully support DX10. With this needing to fit under an air-cooled restriction, I think Nvidia would have some work to do. But, put against Intel's on-board iGPU lineup, I'm confident that Nvidia would deliver first.
icye said:
Huang should get a dose of reality because nvidia can produce all the great products they can but without stable drivers, those products will suck.
Bad Cyborg said:
[b]Originally posted by neurosys:[/b][quote]during my naval deployment I had to use a laptop and had the bad fortune to get an ATI grafx laptop. Never again.[/quote]Was that ATI chip integrated or dedicated? It makes a hell of a difference. To put in simple terms, ATI (1250) and Nvidia (7150) in integrated solution (AKA "cheap-ass") would perform almost the same as an Intel GMA, only slightly faster. My experience with different cheap-ass notebooks tells me that: ATI beats Nvidia by perhaps a hair, while Intel is two steps behind. So guess what, both ATI and Nvidia already have Intel's ass whooped and not just that, handed back to them. How do you open a can of whoop-ass on Intel? In short order: show us an integrated 3D chip that far exceeds the current substandard one that is Nvidia 7150, and push them [b]hard[/b] to Dell, HP and Acer at a price so low they'd have to be retarded not to turn down Intel GMA.
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