RIAA spent $2M trying to pass tougher copyright law last year

By Justin Mann on April 21, 2008, 5:25 PM
In further proof of how the RIAA believes they can sustain an industry on litigation and scare tactics, some recent figures have come out involving them and their lobbying practices. Last year, it seems the RIAA tallied up over $2 million trying to get tougher copyright laws passed. That's quite a bit of money just to try and persuade the government to your side, but might be a drop in the bucket should their overall agenda be allowed to continue.

The RIAA as an organization - though not necessarily its members as separate entities - has made clear they aren't willing to adapt to newer technologies and markets, seeking only to punish those who in fact are some of the best customers of the music industry.

But their current business model has been shown to have flaws. They have admitted losing money in litigation against file sharers, and aren't willing to share what little money they do bring in with the artists they are claiming to protect. Clearly they will try and continue to lobby for even more strict copyright laws, but in the meantime it puzzles us how the top recording companies keep using this front all while negotiating individual contracts on the side with online music stores like Apple's iTunes.

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thejedislayer said:
Thew news we hear about RIAA is becoming repetitive and old to listen to. It's the same story every time... Only told in different ways. Have they not noticed that their obsolete and need to conform to the new world of business?
kitty500cat said:
$2M that could have gone to support artists...
tonylukac said:
It seems they just want to support lawyers. Why don't they just put ads right in the songs? As long as windows media player sends usage information to microsoft, they will be able to spy on unsuspecting listeners. Disable that internet connection when playing MP3s!
anguis said:
Or instead of using windows media player, use WinAmp. The free version is loads better than windows media player. The RIAA is and always has been a complete waste of money for the music industry.
9Nails said:
I know that I'm voting everybody out of office if they try to push a bill that favors the RIAA. I've written my elected officials and informed them that they will be sacked should they try.
phantasm66 said:
This whole thing is starting to turn into some kind of joke where I don't quite get the punchline.
windmill007 said:
What a waste of money. Instead of trying to toughen laws how about come up with a good business model for the new age without restrictions. You will be surprised how that might work.
nirkon said:
they should have given that money to the artists themselves...anyway, wasn't there an article here about someone new in chargewho's going to change *everything* wrong that the RIAA is doing?
Gyzm said:
I wonder how many employees of the RIAA participate in downloading? Come on, there has to be some! See, see... This whole thing is a joke!
Reachable said:
More power to the RIAA in fighting file sharers. File sharers, despite all their rationalizing, are no different than shoplifters.
captaincranky said:
The idea of the RIAA being able to legislate through litigation is scary. And the more people think that online is the way to get their music, the more power you cede them. all these fantasies that they're just going to go away are pipe dreams. I'm carefully buying only the music I want the very most on CD, and I won't rely on my computer as a home entertainment system. If you do, you're just asking for all the aggravation they're capable of giving you.
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