GTA IV ads pulled from city buses

By Justin Mann on April 22, 2008, 10:14 AM
It’s not uncommon for controversy in video games to bleed over into the real world. After all, you have these partially insane lawyers saying that video games are “murder simulators”, and as a result often games are pointed at as an inspiration for violence. Hence, it wasn't surprising at all to see that in Chicago, advertisements for Grand Theft Auto IV have been pulled from city buses, following a fairly violent weekend.

Local citizens were concerned that the advertisements were doing nothing to help a nasty problem. Personally, this actually seems like a good thing. The police are citing the increase in violence as due to warmer weather towards the summer, not video games, but angry anti-gamers would likely use any excuse they could. Even though the ads themselves contain nothing that could incite violence, their mere presence might spell trouble for Rockstar who has already faced numerous PR issues with their games.

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windmill007 said:
I don't think these games do any good for anyone. Especially real violence aginst real people. I mean if its zombies thats one think but real people doing bad things doesn't help people mindsets I don't think. I like the concept of the game but not violence. I have the simpsons for the computer and its based on the same thing but its not bad. My kid loves it..Of corse he want GTA cuz all his friends have it. There is a point which I think some of these companies cross. I'm all for freedom of speech but some common sense would be nice. Same as music. People calling each other names and wondering why other people do the same thing and getting mad. I guess when you have kids you think differently. They are r future u know.
Prosercunus said:
Exactly, some of those insane lawyers take it to the extreme... but for clear thinking people that are not bias one way or another understand that violent games themselves do not make people murder or hurt others, but its the games mixed with other media that glorify violence without showing how bad it really is.Instead of giving the kids honorable heroes that protect the innocent and fight the bad guys, you cant blame video games for all of it but it is certainly an element of society. The facts speak for themselves, the violence nowadays is apparent and is obviously related to society in general and media is a large part of society today.I am all about freedom of speech also and I do not advocate pulling these games off the shelf, we just need a better way to protect children and teens that try to play adult games.Edit: It is easy for a teen to disagree with this, because as usual they sing the same old tune about "video games do not make me violent and I understand the difference" and of course they do. But people fail to realize that the Teenage years for many are the most mentally instable times of a persons life and when you mix that with glorified violence it has a potential volatile outcome.[Edited by Prosercunus on 2008-04-22 08:43:32][Edited by Prosercunus on 2008-04-22 08:50:44]
canadian said:
There is one thing the two of you dont seem to grasp. Yes I am a teenager, please dont dismiss this just because of my age. The way I see it video games can cause violence, but you cannot assume that anyone who plays it will be effected. I know some people that I could see using that game for the wrong purpose. The thing is, for most people its just a way to have some fun and do something you would never think of doing in real life. If you would be willing to do it in real life, you shouldn't be playing this game. You should be trying to get help or something. One last note, who/what do you think most influences the decisions of teens? (Including me)My history class came up with:1. Friends2. Teacher3. Parents4. TV5. Internet (Chats, Messageboards)That might not be the same for every kid, but thats the thing. You cant generalize people.I hope you read this, and I hope it made sense.(I just woke up, so I am not fully awake yet...)
BMfan said:
based on your two comment's(sorry need to change keyboard setting) we should ban every violent movie,music and games.Then we would live in a great world where everything is controlled.We can watch mary poppins moviea all the time,great.
BMfan said:
let's ban clubs and raves that sell drug's or clamp on liquor stores selling to kids,i only play gta games and racing,if you get rid of GTA i might as well sell my ps3.
Prosercunus said:
You people obviously did not read my posts at all, if you did you would know I didn't advocate banning the games... again read the end of my post and I will just leave it at that.
darkshadoe said:
These games all have ratings. If your child is playing a game that is not in his/her age group, that is the parent's fault, not the child. A good parent knows what games their kids are playing. Quit letting the XBOX 360 babysit your kids. Quit blaming video games are the cause of violence because as a parent you find it easier to put the blame on games other than take responsibility that you didn't take the time to find out what is going on in your kid's lives. It's not the game's fault your child have violent tendencies. There is something deep rooted within your child that that needs to be adressed.
thejedislayer said:
Next they'll want to ban fast food...
TimeParadoX said:
[b]Originally posted by thejedislayer:[/b][quote]Next they'll want to ban fast food...[/quote]That's actually a good idea, I hardly eat fast food unless it's the only thing I can afford at the time. But then again, I could see a use for fast food since most North Americans ( I'm Canadian by the way ) are always in a rush to and from somewhere to stop and have a decent meal.
Flubber88 said:
In my region of the country, in the middle of the bible belt, it is mostly religious groups that want the games or signs taken down. This is going to be an honest question, and don't go off on rants, but hasn't religion spurred more problems than any violent video game ever could? Also, are the people in your area, the ones wanting games banned or billboards taken down affiliated with a major church in the community?
God Of Mana said:
I disagree, murder simulators are actually ways to get rid of stress, hell why don't they just ban KFC adds while they're at it....they promote fried food, which is also a leading cause of death (Heart and cholesterol problems)
caravel said:
The problem with games like the GTA series is not the violence as such but the general theme of them. Such games simply glamourise criminality and the gangland/gun culture. This is the real issue and is in itself enough of a reason as to why children should not have access to this kind of material in the same that they should not have access to pornography. Parents are certainly to blame because most of these games are 18 rated and children should not be buying them or have access to them. This does not exonerate the developer from all blame however, as they have created and marketed this title knowing full well that their main consumerbase will be the under 18s, that pester their parents to go and buy it for them.
BMfan said:
I would not blame the developer because wiyhout them i wouldn't be able to play this awesome game.
BMfan said:
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