MADD protests GTA IV drunk driving content

By Justin Mann on April 30, 2008, 5:40 PM
Stores aren't even done stocking their shelves with the first pallets of GTA IV boxes, and yet there are already protests rolling in against the game. One of the first such protests is coming from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), who claim the game endorses drunk driving. The group is demanding that the Electronic Software Ratings Board re-rate the game, giving it an “Adults Only” rate, a request that by itself is actually very reasonable. However, a second one asks Rockstar to consider a “stop in distribution," which is not hard to anticipate will not happen.

With every GTA release, Rockstar has in its hands some of the most anticipated and lucrative games of all time, and this is certainly not the first nor the last protest against the series.

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TimeParadoX said:
Sounds like someone needs to get boned. Seriously, if a group of mothers are protesting a game they probably haven't gotten any from their husbands / boyfriends in years. I've played this game and it in no way endorses drunk driving, if anything it makes you not want to do it because of how impossible it is to walk from the bar to a car... let alone drive it without crashing into a wall after turning on the ignition.Plus, in the game you can hail taxis to take you to your hideout... So it's not like you HAVE to drive a car yourself.
BMfan said:
I am so sick of this world and all it's bitching,you can't do anything or make anything and their is someone to moan.I hope they see your comment and go and get laid.P.S since they know about the DD,i wonder if one of them bought the game for their kids.
BMfan said:
MADD are mad
anguis said:
I don't see what their deal is. What's worse, simulation of murder, or simulation of drunk driving? Yeah, exactly. Games will not stop having murder in them, and that is the worst thing in video games.As it is, its rated M, which is 17+. AO makes it 18+, so what's the difference really? Come on now.
Xempler said:
Ummmm don't they realize THIS IS A VIDEO GAME!!!They have games where you leap off buildings and fly away too but that doesn't mean that people will actually do that either....then again maybe they will...but it's just God's way of culling the stupid from the human gene pool.
windmill007 said:
Be cool if they built in some pareental controls in these games then everyone could enjoy. I mean my kid wants this and so do I but he's only 10. How hard would it be to turn off certain elements of the game. Like swearing, sex, drunk driving, etc if you want to. Then no one could complain. Just an idea.
BMfan said:
All that stuff is part of GTA remove it and we might aswell not have GTA anymore
matt1522 said:
ok so I agree with most of you IT IS JUST A F@%$ING GAME!!!. If you don't want your children to play the game then don't buy it for them or if your kid is such a brat that you give in to buying the game explain very carefully the it is in fact just a game. Ps. Where do these parents get the time to b!#ch and complain about every game that comes out, I can't get 15 minutes to play let alone find out how violent they really are. They can say I told you so when the seven signs of the apocalypse begin and they are on their way to heaven and all of the gamers are stuck here for an eternity roasting and being poked with a pitch fork by Satan him self while picking up hookers and participating in drunk driving races.
phantasm66 said:
When are people going to realise....???People don't do crazy things because of computer games.They do them because they are INSANE.Stop blaming games and start building bigger prisons to lock more drunk drivers / young thugs that attack and kill people for no reason / crazy nutters that bring guns into school, etc.
BMfan said:
THANK YOU, finally some people making some sense.
Jesse_hz said:
Games, movies and the Internet don't create crazies, they just inspire the ones that are already crazy to do more shit.
austincpdist said:
This is pathetic. There is just as much inappropriate information in any TV shows or movies that teens watch. Completely mute point.
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