Id Software confirms Doom 4

By on May 7, 2008, 5:22 PM
Developer id Software today confirmed what has been long expected, it has begun developing the fourth game in the long-running Doom franchise. The announcement comes nearly 4 years after id released Doom 3, the last internally developed game from the studio.

It's unknown what platforms Doom 4 will appear on, but considering that id is developing Rage a new franchise that blends vehicular combat with first-person action in a sci-fi setting for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, its likely that Doom 4 will appear on those platforms as well. No details were given on the content of the game or its expected release period, though.

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tedster said:
This will probably mean building my next computer again! I built one just for doom 3!
bcgm3 said:
Easily the best tech-news I've heard all year.I registered here, after a loooong time of lurking, just to comment on THIS article.
Acclamator said:
Well I guess it's time to get a new PC...Lets just hope this one isn't as redundant as Doom 3.
Julio said:
I do believe id is very innovative and makes great games, but for me Doom 3 was all technology showcasing and no gameplay.
windmill007 said:
The origional doom changed my life. I bought 4MB ram at $200 just to play that game. Scared the crap outta me but I couldn't stop playing. Went all the way to the end! The games were never as fun after that.
black_adder said:
Doom 3 was, to be honest, Pretty sh*t... Yeah the visuals and the sound was awesome, but the gameplay was just horrible, I got bored half way and gave up playing... Lets hope they fix that in this new one. Im loving all these new graphics, I really am, my computer is ready for anything they can throw, but I could seriously do with some decent storylines about now
9Nails said:
The last I heard from John Carmack was that he was working on cellular phone games. I half expect Doom4 to come out for BREW before it comes to my PC.I didn't care for Doom 3 much. Too dark. (Not as in gothic, spooky dark but as in the absence of light.) The shadows were artificially dark and made the game difficult to enjoy. I thought that it was a creepy game, and enjoyed the special effects. But for story telling and getting inside your head, FEAR was better on so many more levels than Doom 3.Like Julio, I also liken iD games as tech demo's that display the power of their new engines. I'm trying to think of an iD game that didn't just push the envelop of visuals but one that also had a good story, but I can't think of one.I think the formula is quite tired. That you're the last _______ (Pick one from: Soldier, boy, man) who has to save the ________ (Pick one from: Planet, Galaxy, Human race) from evil. Why can't I just be an underpaid gardener who aspires to use explosives to rid the world of vegetable eating rodents, who gets a bit carried away with some theft and mayhem?
Badfinger said:
Doom II was the bomb back in the day (1994 for you youngins.)Bring back Internet Players vs. Environment. (Co-op) I recall having a blast with a couple friends playing Doom2 via modem to modem, co-op, I am so tired of online in PvP in these style of games because it's full of players who have taken that game too seriously and I'm just not that good at PvP.
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