Microsoft demos Surface alternative dubbed TouchWall

By on May 14, 2008, 8:46 PM
Microsoft showed off a new product dubbed “TouchWall” at its CEO Summit today. As the name suggests, the product is another multi-touch platform that you can control with a sweep of your hand, though this time coming in a whole lot cheaper than the $10,000 Surface, costing just “a few hundred dollars worth of readily available hardware.”

The TouchWall comprises integrated hardware that includes laser and infrared lights that recognize the touch of fingertips on the screen through the embedded Plex software. A Microsoft representative declined to offer any details about whether or when TouchWall might be available commercially – though during its presentation Bill Gates said he expects the technology to someday be used on a daily basis by businesses and in the home. Until that day comes, we’ll have to settle with watching a video of the TouchWall in action.

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Nirkon said:
Heh, that’s a total ripoff from Johnny Chung Lee!You can do this for 50 bucks, not HUNDREDS of dollars!(A medium-range projector costs about 500 dollars, so if you would actually want to use this on a wall, it would cost ~550, but you won’t be limited to where you’re working, you could take the projector and the wiimote wherever you wanted, and you could project on a much bigger screen than this thing).My point is, innovation at Microsoft is the art of ripping off.
phantasm66 said:
I want one. I don't care who invented it.
Honestly thats retarded and it sounds like you sort of don't understand this technology and if you read more, it does a bit more than just a simple projector ... It's meant for our hands... imagine having this shit on the table of a restaurant and peeps can just pick and touch what they want to pay for, That would be stupid to have to give out a bunch of remotes and direct them to point it at a screen. I like the screen but it just has way different uses like in a classroom or something...
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