ATI Radeon 4800 series launch details revealed

By on May 15, 2008, 3:18 PM
Last month we published several leaked details about AMD’s next-generation graphics card lineup, but as we get closer to the launch the folks over at TG Daily have managed to get the scoop on AMD’s launch plan details for its upcoming HD 4800 series of graphics cards.

Contrary to last month’s rumors, the series will apparently debut in mid-June after all in the form of the Radeon 4850, which will boast 512 MB of GDDR3 memory, single-slot cooling, CrossFireX support, and a price tag between $189 and $219. This will be followed by the dual-slot cooled GDDR5 bearing HD 4870 and the HD 4870 X2 in mid-July, both priced between $249 and $279. You can check out the rest of the report for more information on features, specs and performance claims regarding these cards.

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black_adder said:
Same Price as the 3800 series X2?!Gotta love ATI, sure do get awesome Value compared to NvideaBut its a shame, I got my X2 a few weeks Ago, should have waited =(
fullmetalvegan said:
Yeah... but the value comes at a cost of performance. They cost less, and perform less. Same as AMD, sure they're cheap and will run decently. But if you want that extra power/FPS then you gotta pay more for the extra power of Intel/NVIDIA.The Radeon 3870 are absolutely horrid (bottom of the list in benchmarks) compared to all other GeForce 8/9's. And the 3870X2 is $500-600 in Australia, and performs worse than a 9800GTX which is only $350-400. So lately NVIDIA has held the price for performance value.Remember, 8800GT anyone?
black_adder said:
They preform less? Well yes, admitedly, but alot of people still dont want to be paying about $200 more for about 3 FPS more, on Nvidea.My 3870X2 plays EVERYTHING ive tried so far on Max settings, yes, even crysis. Im happy with it, If I go out and pay the extra $200? woop, I get it playing Slightly Faster on Max settings? nothing Ill really notice, so why bother?
fullmetalvegan said:
You still didn't cover the fact that the 9800GTX costs $200 less than the 3870X2 and performs better. =P
Badfinger said:
The 3870 is worse than a 8600GT? That's not what I see on Tom's.On the plus side this will lower the cost of my next upgrade, using a 7950GT right now, only want upgrade for Age of Conan, it's playing fine, but laggy with a lot of chars in the area, Funcom is constantly working on code so that may improve and then I won't care so much.Currently:Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, BFG Tech 7950GT with Iceberg6 heatsink cooler, E8400 CPU, 4 gigs of 1066 G-Skill RAM, but using XP still.
fullmetalvegan said:
Who said anything about a 8600GT? o.o
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