Nvidia to cut prices on GTX line amid pressure?

By on July 3, 2008, 6:59 PM
If you are planning to get a GTX 260 or 280 card from Nvidia, you may want to hold off your purchase for a few days. It appears that third-party manufacturers have been complaining to Nvidia about having to charge more for their cards despite them performing almost on par with the less expensive Radeon HD 4850 and 4870, which sell for $199 and $299 respectively.

This has several of Nvidia’s board partners walking on thin ice and thus demanding price adjustments to protect their margins. Nvidia has caved in to the pressure, it seems, and agreed to cut the price of the GTX 280 by $90 and $30 for the GTX 260. Of course that is just a price cut Nvidia is handing down to its partners, which will then have to set the final retail prices. According to reports, an average 260 model is expected to cost $360 (down from ~$399), while the flagship 280 should be priced at around $560 (down from ~$599).

Meanwhile, AMD is already planning an answer to the GTX and should release the $499 Radeon HD 4870 X2 before the end of the month – if rumors prove to be true. It’ll certainly be interesting to see this dual-GPU card pitted against Nvidia’s high-end products when it debuts in the coming weeks.

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peas said:
wait a sec.. "agreed to cut the price of the GTX 280 by $90", then "280 should be priced at around $560 (down from ~$599)". Is that New Math? Because in the real word, $599 - $90 = $509. Maybe that's why Nvidia is having such trouble these days (can't do simple math anymore?).
aolish said:
its about time Nvidia start bringing down them prices... sadly this is the only way for them to bring down there outrageous prices. Hopefully there days of overcharge will be put to an end.
BMfan said:
I would still rather buy 1 or 2 4850's.
Didou said:
I'm still keeping an eye on the 4870 for the not-so-far future. :-)
JosVilches said:
@Peas: The $90 and $30 price cut is not for customers but rather for Nvidia's board partners, which then set final retail prices taking their margins into account.
fullmetalvegan said:
[b]Originally posted by BMfan:[/b][quote]I would still rather buy 1 or 2 4850's.[/quote]Eh, I wouldn't, that's be silly. The 9800GTX/+ perform better, so if they lower to a decent price along with the 260/280... I would get that instead. NVIDIA undoutedly perform better, at least in the 8/9 series, their prices are just shitty. The 4850 isn't impressive, its price is just good, the 4870 how ever seems like better technology.The GTX 260/280 were a waste of time at their price, but NVIDIA has shown they have had 55nm technology in secret with the announcement of the GTX+ so there should be some good cards on the horizon.And with ATi offering such great price on the 4000 series, 55nm technology + NVIDIA + cheap prices to match ATi sounds like a awesome combination to me.
champmanfan said:
[b]Originally posted by Didou:[/b][quote]I'm still keeping an eye on the 4870 for the not-so-far future. :-)[/quote]You can get two 4870s for the price of a single 280GTX and still have plenty of change.You do know that the 4870 X2 with 2Gb of DDR5 is due soon at the end of this month, or early August for $499?
Kaleid said:
"NVIDIA undoutedly perform better"Wait what? 4850 is up close up or even outperforms the 260 in many games.Get rid of the poor cooler and put on a Arctic Cooler S1 plus a 120mm fan and overclock the card and it will be very hard to beat.
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