Is the RIAA pressuring PC makers to limit stereo-in?

By on July 9, 2008, 4:47 PM
Earlier this week a handful of unconfirmed stories began swirling around the web implicating that the good old buddies at the RIAA are not only using scare tactics to force settlements out of file-sharers, but they may also be intimidating hardware manufacturers into crippling their hardware in an attempt to discourage piracy.

Specifically Dell and a number of computer manufacturers using SigmaTel chips have supposedly bowed to RIAA pressure and disabled stereo recording support, with an official fix that restores such feature being available for just $99. While one could expect almost anything from the RIAA in its quest to combat piracy, I do believe (and hope) these reports are just plain paranoid. Perhaps a more logical explanation would be that many manufacturers are using similar chipsets and there is a driver problem for one of the chips. I wonder, though, why is Dell charging for the fix.

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Soul Harvester said:
This is ridiculous. I hope this is false.
nirkon said:
For money :P....anyway yeah this is really ridiculous...Funniest thing is though, that this really does absolutely nothing to stop piracy... main file-sharers probably don't use Dells anyway (lol).Let alone record their *high quality cd ripped music* through the system stereo in.
black_adder said:
Lol, Nirkon Makes a good point... Hardcore Music/Media users will NOT be using a Dell computer in all likelyhood. They do offer Media computers, im aware, but at the price they charge, Im assuming people are smart enough to realise you can buy them far far cheaper, or make your own WITH a very high quailty sound card
Golux said:
Dirty little secret, we're not dependent on the RIAA for recorded music anymore. Once you've been driven off their road, you find a whole different, vibrant and growing market out there. I'm spending more on CD's than ever before, just not RIAA produced corporate pap. MP3's just don't cut it, hard drive failures, etc. make it nice to have a solid backup. I can record the tracks as MP3, WMA, AAC to play in any device I own.So, what's in RIAA's future? They're grasping at straws. Claiming stereo piracy is a reach, personally, I think they're after the DIY musicians to try to force them back into the fold to stem off bleeding to death by a thousand cuts. Whatever. We don't need no stinking Dells, there are real audio systems out there. I see a market opening up for good quality USB Stereo ADC systems if the SigmaTel thing is true.
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