Asus readies Ultimate and Pro Fashion Eee PCs

By on July 31, 2008, 11:53 AM
Riding high on the success of the Eee PC laptop, Asus is set to further expand the rather abused brand with the launch of higher-end ‘Ultimate’ and ‘Pro Fashion’ models that will sell for as much as $900 – thus effectively departing from their original promise of low-cost netbooks.

These new models will purportedly launch in late September, featuring dual-core Atom processors and either a 32GB SSD or 120GB HDD. According to leaked slides, the Pro Fashion series comprises four new Asus Eee PCs – 1000HV, 1002SA, 1002HA, and T101 – while the Ultimate category will contain the S101 and S91 Eee PCs.

Speaking in particular of the high-end 32GB Eee PC, DigiTimes claims that laptop will be available for around $700-900 featuring a 10.1-inch LED-backlit display and battery life of 4 to 5 hours. With fully-fledged notebooks going for about that much, however, one has to wonder if there is a market for $900 netbooks. Time will tell.

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nirkon said:
I'm still sticking to what I said before.Their success was based on three things:1. Very small and portable device2. Very low cost3. Very functionalIf you take out just one of those three, it will NOT sell good,its a very specific market, and I think they have just ditched the low-cost part,and in my opinion they're in for a big sales disappointment.
Julio said:
I totally agree with your views however Asus may just be looking to capitalize on the (reportedly big) momentum of the Eee brand name.
Didou said:
Asus has pretty much killed the EEE moniker. It's been so diluted with the 500 versions they've announced or released, it's impossible to know what it stands for anymore.
JerryWithaJ said:
Many forget that before Asus a UMPC would cost close to $2k(US).All the more power to Asus if it can manufacture a wide variety of configurations in numbers that are large enough to test the waters but not load them down with excess inventory. I've never understood the carping about Asus's expansion of the eee pc line. If it makes the model that's perfect for you, then GREAT! Why begrudge someone else getting their perfect model that might be different? If it doesn't make the model that's perfect for you. well, wouldn't you want them to try? That means...more models!
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