Xbox 360 Arcade to ship with motion controller?

By on August 25, 2008, 10:26 AM
Earlier this year rumors began to emerge that Microsoft was working on a motion sensing controller for the Xbox 360. While there’s been no official confirmation from the company, the aptly named “Xbox 360 Fanboy” site is now reporting that a “source close to Microsoft’s marketing department” told them about not only a $199 price cut for the console (which has been rumored before), but a motion controller pack-in too.

The new bundle will purportedly include the new Fall dashboard update, a 512MB memory card, as well as a selection of mini games developed by Rare designed to work with the new controller. Apparently the motion sensing controller will also be sold separately and be compatible with all existing models of the Xbox 360.

The bundle is expected to be released in time for the holiday season of 2008. Now obviously this is merely a rumor at this point, but it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility given Microsoft’s intentions to push into more casual territory.

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yukka said:
Interesting but really MS have to pull something more from their hat. A motion controller wont be enough to beat the PS3 or Wii.As an Xbox Owner I find myself bored with the games - I have around 20 titles but when visiting friends, they stay in the bag and we just play worms. The most recent game I got on the Xbox that people got excited about was Guitar Hero 3 so now just waiting for World Tour, Force Unleashed and Gears of War 2.After that, I don't know where MS is going. The PS3 is cheap enough now to seriously consider and will drop again in a few months time. Those long promised decent games should show their faces too. I like my Xbox 360 alot but avators (mii copies) and a motion controller aren't going to retain any lead on their own. Price drops/improvements to the graphics chips/Blueray drive are what are needed.I like in the Uk. I am lucky to get a 6 meg connection. In fact I have 3 meg. A High def movie downloaded on the Xbox takes forever - it isnt as convenient as popping into the store on the way to work and dropping off again in the morning through the 24hour letter box.Video on demand doesnt impress me as the only option against a decent blueray drive. Eventually I will have one but chances are it will be inside a PS3. Shame.
wow... well yukka I guess not everyone can be satisfied w/ life and what it has to offer... no matter what you say the stuff u talk about revolves all around just PURE opinion, sorry you get bored of games so easily but almost all PS3 games are now offered on xbox 360 and the 360 just has more 1st party games flat out while still managing to steal more "FF13, GTA"... most people buy a few games a year and then do something w/ there life when not gaming at night or something... maybe that's why you've grown so bored of your games soo quickly maybe?
yukka said:
Wow mate im so satisifed with life!! Since when was a comment not somewhere to put your opinion?You dont even know who I am and you assume I am bored of my games as I stay in all day playing them? If only the games I bought recently were good enough to drag me back to my Xbox evening after evening!Anyway upset a fanboi and expect grief :)
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