Chrome suffers first security flaw

By on September 3, 2008, 1:24 PM
Unless you’ve been completely disconnected from all sorts of tech news in the past day you’re probably aware that Google unveiled its own web browser, Chrome, yesterday. An onslaught of reviews inevitably appeared within hours of the release, and while results largely point to a speedy and stable machine, there are also a couple of issues that users should probably be cautioned of before using this new browser.

First off, it appears that Chrome has inherited a potentially serious security flaw from the old version of the WebKit rendering engine it is based on. Specifically, the browser has been demonstrated to be vulnerable to the Safari “Carpet Bombing” flaw that Apple addressed a while back, which could lead to malicious code being run on a victim’s computer. Google will probably patch this flaw a lot faster than Apple did, but this news will nonetheless put a bit of a damper on people’s enthusiasm for Chrome.

Meanwhile, another less technical but perhaps greater concern lies within Chrome’s end user license agreement, whereby a user apparently grants Google the rights to anything he publishes and creates while using their browser. You can read all about it here.

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KingDingDong said:
that eula is hor$e$hit....booooo google...
atk spade said:
Is that EULA a bad joke or something?
otterpop78 said:
OMG why didnt i read the damn eula?
poundsmack said:
I am just plain mad at google for all this. they blatently ripped off all teh good features frmo Opera, who will get no credit for this... you know what instead of my long rant I was going to write read at least the first link, you will see what i mean. [url]
rome/[/url] even though he thinks that imitation is flattery, this browser will take what market share opera would have rightfully deserved by having the same if not better feature set and push opera further away from general public knowledge. also, for all those who have seen the little cartoon google has, here is a more acurate one. [url]
sngx1275 said:
poundsmack - I'm a loyal Opera user, and have been since Opera 6, and I paid for my license back in the day. But I don't think they are stealing too much glory from Opera. FF has already done that, they've leeched almost everything that was great about opera and made half-ass clones of it, most of the time requiring an extension to make it work. The STILL haven't gotten the tabs portion to a 'natural' feel. I should be able to open a new tab, while multiples are already open, read the new tab, close it, and go back to where I was. FF either can't do that right, or frequently messes it up. It shouldn't be that hard. I'm somewhat happy to see Chrome also has issues with tabs.Opera isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately they aren't gaining much usage either..
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