Microsoft fears Chrome's JavaScript performance more than Flash

By Justin Mann on September 7, 2008, 3:15 PM
A Microsoft spokesperson recently talked about the introduction of Google's Chrome browser, and apparently it has them at least somewhat concerned. Microsoft's Scott Hanselman said that Silverlight could face a serious threat from Chrome (and Firefox), if Google and Mozilla continue to improve the execution speed and efficiency of JavaScript. According to him, a “100 to 1,000 fold” increase in JavaScript speed could be expected from the two rival browsers, which would turn it a better choice for numerous web-based applications.

With this in mind, the software giant seems to be considering Chrome and it's fast JavaScript speed to be more of a challenger to Silverlight than Adobe Flash ever was.

This is an interesting change of gears, though it's been clear for sometime now how Google has seen JavaScript fit to build Web 2.0 around with GMail, Google Docs, and many other Google services relying heavily on it.

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captain828 said:
hhm, besides Microsoft's site I don't know of other major ones using silverlightmost of them use java and/or flash... I don't even get why they entered this closed market
old101 said:
In support of captain828's point, Microsoft seem to enjoy being an unsuccessful third or fourth entry into a market segment - eg X-Boxes and Silverlight. Probably others. Just because they came from behind on OS and Internet Explorer, the latter only because it was free, they seem to think they are omnipotent when it comes to software, and are neglecting market segmentation.Google in contrast, are doing only things that play to their major strength. This is not search engines, as the popular belief holds, but a series of strategically located around the world server farms, allegedly hundreds of thousands of servers. Thus everything they have done so far works through the net, and their own servers.
Yangker said:
From the Chrome and IE compare site ( 's vote result,the Security is chrome's Biggest problem!just 40.87% people think IE is more security than throme.
phantasm66 said:
I write AJAX web apps - I use the google web toolkit to compile Java into java script . The performance of these in Chrome is simply beautiful - the line really goes blur between the web app and the locally installed app, which is one of Chrome's chief goals.I think Microsoft is right to be worried. AJAX is taking the world by storm and has a far, far greater place in Web 2.0 than Microsoft's offerings. Google will be a major force behind this.
DarkCobra said:
Sadly, microsoft seems to be making the same nightmarish blunders as Sony has with their stubborn insistance on "proprietary to them only" features. MS needs to understand (and they're running out ot time) that they are going to be left behind if they continue on this path. I'm finding that Chrome and Firefox run java script , applets and flash much better than Explorer. IE 8 is an improvement over IE 7 in some respects but MS is slipping in delivering the full richness of the multi-media experience. My biggest question with Chrome is security. Before I do any banking or credit card ordering with it I want to see what the hackers are able breach. I fear it's going to have to get heavier and slower with pluggins and patches . . . but it has a lot of promise!
shanselman said:
Just to be clear, as I'm Scott Hanselman...You said: "Microsoft's Scott Hanselman said that Silverlight could face a serious threat from Chrome (and Firefox), if Google and Mozilla continue to improve the execution speed and efficiency of java script ."I didn't say anything about Silverlight, threats, or Chrome for that matter. I was speaking about java script  language speedup in general and how it is coming, and how it's good for all.This was on a panel last week at TechEd Australia. The question to the panel was "What changes to we see coming on the web in the next 18 months?"I think that java script  will continue to get faster. I pointed to the new latest java script  speed improvements as good examples. I think it's a good and cool thing. However, remember that java script  and Silverlight talk to each other happily, as do Flash and java script . Neither plugin is a complete solution without thoughtful use of java script .I would also point you to this blog [url][/url] as well as an announcement from last Spring around java script  language work that's happening: [url]
jscript-is-availaible.aspx[/url]I'm afraid that your title for this post is link-bait and doesn't being to touch on the complexity of issues or the coolness of all the technology that's being worked out both inside and outside of Microsoft.All of this is a good thing, and raises the water level for everyone.
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