Xbox 360 price cuts result in huge sales jump

By Justin Mann on September 10, 2008, 6:11 PM
Microsoft's recent price cut for the 360 seems to be having exactly the effect they wanted. According to a recent statement from Redmond, sales of the console have skyrocketed in recent days. Sales increases of over 100% have been noted, and in some special cases as high as six times the normal sales rate.

The price cut represents a big change in how the console is perceived in terms of dollars, as the cheapest 360 is now below the cost of a Wii. Will the increase in sales carry on long enough for Microsoft to actually regain a lead, though? Probably not – the existing base of 360 owners is already pretty large, and at this point it would be more Microsoft taking customers from Sony or Nintendo.

I would like to see more specific numbers for Japan, since that is one of the regions they have struggled the most in, but they did not mention anything based on region.

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swker98 said:
is this the new jasper core, how can you tell
mentholo said:
x360's increase in sales is due to piracy.i have ps3 & x360.x360's games cost less than $5.00 so i guessi'll be selling my ps3 on ebay tomorrow.
windmill007 said:
Ya but the ps3 is a better media server. It is quiet and plays blu-ray. Sure if you want to just game the xbox 360 might be the way to go.
nazartp said:
Interesting. My son and myself prefer PC for gaming purposes, but with the price drop and Gears of War 2 scheduled to be released this fall I was pretty tempted to get an x360. Must say that if I buy a gaming console it would be for gaming only - all media tasks can be relegated with infinitely better functionality and flexibility to a cheap media PC.
Eddie_42 said:
'increase in sales is due to piracy'That wins my 'special' award for the day. That is the equivalent of saying "I'm got paid today because I got mugged". Piracy is a fact of life these days no matter the platform, if someone wants it bad enough, they will find a way.The price drop is an excellent move to counter the low stock of the Wii this holiday season.
BMfan said:
if microsoft built a pc i wouldn't buy it it's the same with their console,even if they lowered the price further.
yukka said:
the xbox 360 is a good console. it was out first and really benefits from a high def screen. its got good dvd playback so anyone who hasnt upgraded to blueray (and isnt considering it either) can enjoy upscaled dvds at 1080p with the right hardware. its got a large library of games that use its abilties rather well including some "must haves" and some great online classics in its arcade range.the wii is a niche console for people who dont want high def and want to enjoy something different.. ok I dont have one so i am the wrong person to big it up.. but its a good console in its own right.the ps3 is very good but suffers from a small library of games in comparison to the xbox 360. i can see myself owning a ps3 one day unless microsofts "720" is any good. i have a feeling its going to be a more powerful 360 style meaning its easy to program for so the games might be immediately awesome.. maybe as good as the generation of ps3 titles that will be coming out around the same time? will be interesting..
yukka said:
at least with a price drop meaning more sales, the 360 will have new titles for a while longer too.. thats a good thing (for me anyway)
BMfan said:
It might have come out first,but that was microsoft's big mistake because it ended up costing them billions.They rushed vista and then the console-they never learn.
9Nails said:
[b]Originally posted by windmill007:[/b][quote]Ya but the ps3 is a better media server. It is quiet and plays blu-ray. Sure if you want to just game the xbox 360 might be the way to go. [/quote]The PS3 might be quieter, but the Xbox 360 is a Media Center Extender , and a Zune Extender, and box Live has movie downloads. If PS3 would hook into TiVo, there might be a comparison.Blu-ray is only fun if you have HD TV. I don't. A cheaper console that has as good or better graphics than PS3 with cheaper games? Yeah, count me in on that!
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