Weekend open forum: Google Chrome, are you using it on a regular basis?

By on September 12, 2008, 7:39 PM
As much as we’ve got used to hear rumors about Google, only a handful of those finally become a reality, from the Google browser, to the Google Operating System (that would rival Windows). When the Chrome browser was unveiled to the public, it really caught everybody by surprise. Rumors aside, it was a very well-kept secret.

But that’s only the beginning of the story. Even more surprising was that Google was able to launch a very mature browsing tool by cutting corners where it could, like adopting the open-source WebKit browser engine, also used by Safari. This meant Google could spend more time refining other areas of the browser, like its highly touted JavaScript VM, an evolutionary user interface, and multi-threaded nature, so that a single tab shouldn’t crash the whole browser.

Chrome was well received by the online community and also got plenty of free publicity from traditional media on the day of its launch, which translated in a very rapid adoption at first instance. As we anticipated however, many of those Chrome installations were based on quick try-outs, where eventually a good share of users would switch back to their usual browser of choice for most tasks. But how about you? Did you ever try Chrome? Are you using it as your primary browser, or is it just collecting dust in your hard drive nowadays? What do you use the most for your Internet browsing needs and why?


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lncpapa said:
On Windows I've almost completely switched to Chrome - except when it comes to some of my work sites in which case I go back to IE. Some of the sites I access for my job still don't work properly in Chrome, but I really haven't taken any time to troubleshoot why.On the other hand I'm incredibly anxious to see chrome on Linux and Mac. I'd love to switch to that for my default browser on those platforms - though I'd probably have to use Firefox 3 and Camino respectively for the sites that don't work properly with Chrome.Just as an FYI - I think Chrome is gorgeous in Vista but kind of ugly in XP. I've heard complaints saying the opposite though and I'm not really sure why they think it's ugly in Vista. Maybe they aren't running Aero.
yukka said:
im back to firefox again like an old pair of slippers :)
poisoner said:
No RSS = No internet browsing:) That's why i still use Firefox
windmill007 said:
Tried it but without ad ons I felt naked. Went back to my dear old Firefox.
stevethelil said:
I became comfortable with it immediately, and it has become my "go to" browser. However, I enjoy the Stumble Upon add-on on Firefox, and I still use Firefox when I feel like stumble-surfing.
skitzo_zac said:
I didn't even bother trying chrome out. I am still an Opera user.
---agissi--- said:
I've been using Chrome every day since I downloaded it a day or two after release.Not all PDF documents lock up but some certainly do.Videos are hardly stable, youtube,etc, they lock up the browser most often. I've found out if you let the page load and dont do anything to the video or the page the video will play successfully but if you try to go back or fourth in the video things lock up temporarily.When a PDF or video locks up, the entire browser is very slow. I'll click on another tab or try to close the chugged up tab and things take 30secs or a minute to happen.
camuss15 said:
I tried Chrome out for a little while, and I really like the simplified look of it in Vista and especially the fact that the tab bar is in the title bar. But there are a couple things that deter from using it as my primary browser: as windmill said, it feels very "naked" without all the add ons I am used to in Firefox. Another thing is the support for Java, right now anyway. In order to play java games, you have to install Java SE 6 Update 10 RC, which is a bit buggy with some games, such as Runescape. It won't allow me to fullscreen... I like Chrome, but I think it needs to be improved in a few ways, but overall it is very solid considering its youth.
technochicken said:
I only use crome. I tried it the day it came out, and i love it.
Ural_Turk said:
I'm using it right now and have since I first downloaded it, only time I switched back to Internet Explorer or Firefox is when there was a site Chrome could not support yet in its current early beta form.
tonylukac said:
I use Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista Business because it works in protected mode. Chrome and Firefox dont do this. Protected mode prevents adware and spyware from installing without your knowledge. A pro/con. Lets hype this Microsoft. Maybe you dont want to give out the source code to Windows to let other browsers do this.
DarkCobra said:
Tried it and found it to be very fast but as so many others have commented . . . after using the feature laden Firefox it seems naked for some reason. It's got some cool new features but I don't think I'd do much banking or credit card transaction on it until it's security is proven. Yet, I think it's got a lot of promise. A lot of sites won't run on it due to lack of plug-in's. Once all the critical security patches, necessary plug-in's and desired add-on's are included I would expect it to naturally slow in performance. Right now it can run swiftly because it is so lean. In time that will change but it's a very nice browser all-in-all. Firefox still rules!
otterpop78 said:
I DL'ed chrome on release day and instantly fell in love with it. Its Blazing fast and does most of the stuff i need it too. I still use FF3 as well but more chrome than fox overall. I eagerly await plugins and add ons so i can customize it to my liking. Once I can start getting addons (adblock plus mainly and a couple others) I will just stop using FF3. It will do nicely.
JudaZ said:
Simply love it, no toolbars that clutter up the screen, I really like the "naked look". Its simple, no noncense and besides its really fast, stating to use it more and more
Rage_3k_Moiz said:
It's not bad, but I still prefer Opera, with its better tab implementation and Speed Dial. The equivalents in Chrome aren't that great, but for a beta browser it is surprisingly fast.
fw2004 said:
I downloaded and installed Chrome, and found it to be the only browser of the 3 I have installed (Firefox 3.0.1, IE 7.0.5730.11, and Chrome) that will open the Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NJ website. I don't know why this is, but I am thankful to Chrome that I can not get onto that site.As for the future of my browsing, I am still using Firefox as my primary browser, but using Chrome on a regular basis as well. I don't use IE much at all, just for MS specific tasks like Windows Update.So far, I like Chrome. Whether or not I permanently switch to it as my primary browser remains to be seen.FW
I tried it for a couple days but it's missing plugins because of the fact that it's so new, kept goin back to firefox to watch video's and news video's mostly online, too lazy to keep switching back and forth so i'm sort of on firefox till I hear the next big update on chrome then I'll take another look...
old101 said:
Tried Chrome for about four days. OK, but nothing spectacular. Don't mind the austere look and lack of eye candy, but will not use a browser that does not interact with RoboForm. Got rid of Opera for the same reason.
Julio said:
I came up with the open forum topic this weekend, so let me contribute with my own experience :). Chrome is just great for a first release, really solid feel plus it imports everything from other browsers which is the way to go if you want users to switch seamlessly. I still have it installed and use it on occasion for using a secondary Google account I have, but for my day to day browsing Firefox 3 is speedy enough and I have it customized to my needs all around.Some FF add-ons like Roboform and Web developer are just as important to me as the browser itself, which makes it even hard to leave for anything else.
Poertner_1274 said:
My only complaint was that it does not import Opera bookmarks and such. I don't have firefox installed on any of my computers....and it appears the work around is to install FF, export Opera bookmarks to FF, then import them to Chrome. PITA.Anyway, I don't think I will be sticking with it, but agree that it is a good first release of an up and coming browser in to the market.
Juriasu said:
I liked the style and overall feel of Chrome, the incognito function and the "seperate tabs" function, but the fact that you can't SCROLL UP (!) really put me off. I'm aware that it's just a beta, but I will stick with Opera until all of Chrome's faults are corrected.
tw0rld said:
Used for a while, but later deleted it.
jtickner1 said:
Tried it. Nothing can ever replace Opera.
Jibberish18 said:
I never tried it. Quite frankly I'm sick of trying 10 different Browsers and at this point, their are little that I have not tried. Even if it is fast and light, I still like all the themes, features and especially Add-Ons available for Firefox3. Besides that, my buddy installed it and their was something that Google installed that apparently would not leave his computer.
KingDingDong said:
nope, not after the EULA crap
black_adder said:
[b]Originally posted by KingDingDong:[/b][quote]nope, not after the EULA crap[/quote]The EULA 'crap' Was appologised for and fixed. Looks like it was a mistake.Other than that, Did Try Chrome, but im with what everyone else says, It looks too Basic, doesnt really look like a browser. Firefox Add-ons are just way ahead of the game, my Firefox is customised to suit the dark theme of my Windows Vista.And frankly, Ive NEVER had any trouble with Firefox. security wise its great, hardly uses any resources (in perspective with my Machine), fast, and Looks great, why WOULD I switch?
jznomoney said:
I think that chrome is a bunch of crap. There is no way to change the skin, edit bookmarks, or anything else. It may run fast but that doesnt determine the best browser.
mbmteam said:
Google is doing what it has done for many years now. Simplicity. 10 years ago no one had heard of google, they certainly were in the mix with the other search engines, yahoo, excite, alta vista, ask jeeves etc... but I always used to use google, because it was simple.As for chrome, forget your bells and whistle addons. This is a nice, simple and more importantly for me, fast browser with a better look about it. One issue accessing facebook (I can't) other than that so far so good...and it's still in its beta stage.
PaulusDev said:
For those having problems scrolling up, I released a program to quickly and automatically fix the "cannot scroll up using certain touch pads" issue for Google Chrome (until Chrome is fixed officially).Just run chrome_patch.exe. It will modify chrome.dll to fix the issue.You can download/read about it at[url]http://digg.com/software/Google_Chrome_68[/url]
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