Spore massively pirated despite DRM

By Justin Mann on September 15, 2008, 12:10 PM
Spore has been rife with controversy from well before release, both in and out of the context of gaming. When it comes to gamers in particular, there was a lot of negative feedback given to EA over their DRM. They responded, but not in kind, and it seems that despite all the heavy locking they attempted to do on the game it is being very heavily pirated. In fact, it seems that at the moment there are more pirated copies of Spore running than legal copies.

With the budget it took to create Spore, including development and marketing, has EA shot themselves in the foot by being a stick in the mud with DRM? It used to be that DRM was one of those things people just dealt with. Sure, there were complainers, but by and large you just put up with it. Spore may represent a change in that attitude, and may be an indication of what sort of reaction game publishers can expect if they try to artificially restrict how people can use the games, from account restriction to obsessive activation.

One could say that EA and Maxis should have seen this coming. After all, a former developer for Maxis outright said that this DRM would be a total failure, not only contributing to loss of sales but also not preventing piracy in the first place.

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9Nails said:
I'm downloading the pirated copy just to piss them off! It's copying straight to my Recycle bin! heh!I could hardly resist Spore when I saw a Google video from an E3 (I assume). But with the arbitrary DRM limitations, I think my eyes have been opened. It's not that I'll be installing on more than 3 PC's, it's that there are limitations in place and I don't agree to those in principal. It's my right as a consumer to elect not to consume in such a situation. Let them eat crow for their actions, but they still lost a sale with me.
captain828 said:
I sure agree with youalso, it appeared on torrent sites before its official release... so too bad EA, you're DRM was like non-existent
x darthmonkey x said:
Hah! I know people who have paid for the game, and people who have illegally torrented it (Some had it before the release), and here's what they say.Legally purchased; they can't stand the limitations placed upon them by the DRM. Some even went and downloaded the pirated version for their "secondary" computers.Torrented; Love it. Some of them feel a bit left out without the Sporepedia, but I think they all agree that life goes on without it.
black_adder said:
Hahahah.... I remember last year I wrote a long a$$ Comment on the whole DRM situation.And I (laugh) and repeat it again: The more difficult and annoying you make installing and running games, the more people will turn to illegal copies.Jeez, You'd think they'd all learn by now... THERE IS NO (POPULER) GAME THAT HAS NOT BEEN CRACKED. Why even bother trying? how much does it actually cost to include all the "anti-piracy" features?Valve/Steam was probably the best anti-piracy trick ever seen, and that got cracked in about 3 days if I remember correctly, JUST because it was a challange for the Hackers.Starforce is another awesome example, with it, its a MASSIVE pita, so people use the pirated starforce-free versions.Oh well...*end rant*
aolish said:
Why didn't they just release Spore on Steam?
windmill007 said:
First thing I do when I buy a game is go and get the no-cd crack so I can play the game without the cd and DRM. I recommend everyone do this. That way you never see this evil DRM.
Julio said:
For all the creativity and effort that goes into a game like this, it's such a shame and waste to have legal customers go through such a painful process. There's just times when piracy can be well justified.
neurosys said:
kimsland said:
[b]Originally posted by Julio:[/b][quote]For all the creativity and effort that goes into a game like this, it's such a shame and waste to have legal customers go through such a painful process. There's just times when piracy can be well justified.[/quote]Piracy can never be justifiedNot only that, but it's not the "easiest option" either !Piracy aids in holding companies back from releasing newer and better gamesPiracy can also portray poor running of games due to, who knows what's been modified, ie sometimes these "pirated" games are also corrupted, causing all kinds of bad performance game issuesThis in turn, causing the original "authentic" game to get bad web reviews or press.Piracy is also not even required. Waiting 3 extra days for the game to be released !?? Geez how terrible ?! Most of these PC games are quite affordable, and always provide free support (in most cases) and updates.What's even more of a concern is that to gain a pirated game, a User must first use some type of P2P program on some Virused and usually well hacked pirated site.This usually (well all the time) causing users to also download Malware and corrupting their system. Yer that's worth it :/ !Piracy is not supported on TechSpot's forums for obvious reasons (it's illegal) And there's no use supporting someone who will continue such a detrimental behavior. It would be nice if TechSpot's own front page and staff ! Would agree with this as well.I wish I had seen this poor argument for the advantages of piracy earlier, I would have said close this article before new members think it's actually acceptable and condoned behavior. I dread to read other articles of similar contentThumbs down !
PanicX said:
Nice FUD post there.I use cracked versions of many games, even with the retail box sitting on my shelf. By far, many of the "anti-pirating" schemes are horrible and inconvenient. How many games have you played that require the disk to be in the drive, for no reason but to hassle you?I've got 3 kids that have systematically destroyed dozens of my installation disks (they make cool frisbees you know). To avoid this, I keep the disks in the package on the shelf and install the "pirate" version. Amazingly enough, my computer has 0 viruses as reported by Kaspersky and ClamAV. And my games load much faster than when I used to shuttle disks in and out of the drives.And to be a bit more on topic. Yes I bought spore. Yes I used the pirate version to install. And no, I'm not scared of your FUD propaganda.
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