Spam is killing e-mail

By on November 20, 2002, 3:44 AM
One-third of the 30 billion e-mails sent worldwide each day are spam. That's 10 billion daily pitches for herbal Viagra, Nigerian scams, and genital-enlarging creams piling up in our inboxes. Neither legislation nor litigation against spammers has stemmed the tide, and they're not going to have much of an effect in the future, either. It's time to give up: Despite the best efforts of legislators, lawyers, and computer programmers, spam has won. Spam is killing e-mail.

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JohnnyP said:
You know, if people just did a few things, this spam problem would be much more managable.First, everyone should have an anti-spam system that uses blacklists like SpamHaus's SBL+XBL. The Piratefish (my own creation @ [url][/url] is a walkthrough to make your own out of a linux box (no linux experience required) and the Barracuda is a good, not nearly as cheap, alternative.Even Microsoft's own built-in message filtering doesn't totally suck for this job - but most people don't know how to configure or manage it.After setting up an anti-spam system, the next item is the setup an SPF record. I frankly am shocked to see how many folks don't have them - and anyone not having one on their domain is vulnerable to folks sending out spams saying they're them!With an SPF record, you can declare "my mail comes from ip address x.y.z.q - anything else is to be ignored!"If everyone on the Internet did this, life would be better because the only people that could send out spams would be those who are identifying themselves, and then we could all contact the offending ISP and try to shut them down.This is a little unrealistic unfortunately, but it does allow for companies to at least protect thenselves and their customers by making sure that folks can't masquerade as them in email.
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