Microsoft probes users on 8-second boot times

By Justin Mann on October 16, 2008, 4:25 PM
No matter how much Microsoft has promised about successive versions of Windows starting faster than ever before, machines still often take minutes to boot. Especially after the installs have been in use for a while, a “quick boot” is often out of the question. Thus, Microsoft is probing to see how much interest an “instant-on” feature would generate.

Microsoft has been surveying users to see if a limited-functionality but nearly instantly accessible interface would be of any use to a common user. Exactly how limited remains up in the air, but the survey indicates that such an environment wouldn't give any access to data stored on the PC and would have a limited scope of applications of available. The limited environment would supposedly be usable in a mere eight seconds.

Even so, such an environment might be of little use when put into the context of a computer. Depending on whether or not it had web accessibility, it may be an interesting novelty or completely useless.

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9Nails said:
I'm not sure if this falls onto "data stored on the PC", but some of the first things that I do after boot are:1. Check email (Outlook)2. Check email (Gmail, Yahoo, browser based stuff)3. Start Windows Media Center
old101 said:
I think Microsoft is wasting their and our time with trivia. Want faster boot time don,t overload the Startup Folder. Want it faster still never switch off, just put it to sleep.My shortest session on the computer is around three hours, or 10800 seconds. My computer boots in around 90 seconds. This is 0.83% of the session time. This is peanuts.For super productivity conscious users here are some suggestions of what you can do while your computer boots up - unless you are fascinated by watching the boot on the screen.Make a phone callRead mail snail or inter-officeGet coffeeThe list goes on and on.
tedster said:
With each patch and each flavor of windows, load times get longer and longer. Flash drives and SSDs are supposed to reduce the OS load, but it isn't being adopted as fast I it was touted at first. There has to be a solution in the meantime.
fullmetalvegan said:
Yeah I agree with old, a fast bootup means nothing to me really. My PC boots in under 10-20 seconds, during which time I get a drink, look at my phone for a sec, etc.I also never turn it off anyway, easier to just leave it on. Just for the record too, openSUSE takes the same or more time to boot up, so not even certain Linux OS can boot fast depending on how much software load you have on your operating system.
windmill007 said:
Yeah make the bootup as fast as possible but even more so make windows as fast as possible on older hardware. Vista blows in that department. Sure Vista and XP might run about the same on Newest hardware but it would be nice if we could make the next gen OS work on older hardware as well if not better than XP. There should be a min install and you can add the glitz later if you want it. This would generate better sales and better word of mouth. The majority is people with older harderware not buying or having the latest and greatest. Bloatware sucks. Sure you need more CPU Power just do do new and exciting things but a lot of speed and processing power is consumed by things that most people will never use. I always turn my software so it only runs when I launch it. This in turn creates a speedier PC.[Edited by windmill007 on 2008-10-17 08:44:18]
tedster said:
bloatware can easily be removed with mike lin's startup editor, CCleaner, and decrapifier among other tools.
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