EA slapped with more SecuROM DRM lawsuits

By on November 10, 2008, 10:41 AM
EA boss John Riccitiello has previously voiced his own personal thoughts on the SecuROM DRM protection used in some of the companyís PC games, saying the majority of gamers donít care. Well, it appears that at least a few of them care and are doing more about it than just complaining Ė they are filing class action lawsuits.

Following the news in September that the company was being sued for keeping the installation of SecuROM a secret, Gamepolitics is now reporting that two similar lawsuits were filed against EA in October. In the first case, a man from Pennsylvania alleges that the Spore Creature Creator Free Trial Edition secretly installed SecuROM on his computer, while a second suitor from Missouri claims that installing DRM-protected The Sims 2: Bon Voyage has caused major issues which could only be resolved by reformatting the system.

The company has come under considerable fire for its DRM practices, particularly for the use of SecuROM in high-profile games such as Spore. The technology is being described as unfair and even oppressive (to which I agree), but I'm not sure about it actually causing computer problems. What are your thoughts on the SecuROM DRM? Had any problems with it?

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Wendig0 said:
I had the same thing installed on my computer from a Sony Music CD, purchased from Best Buy. SecuROM DRM software also caused problems with my PC and left me scratching my head for days until I found the elusive program in my registry. If a company is going to use DRM protection in its product or install ANYTHING, other than what the consumer agreed to purchase on a consumer's PC, it should be visibly noted on the packaging so the consumer can make a more informed buying decision.
optimusprime said:
recently while installing fallout 3 i had the same issue with it installing the intrusive securom software onto my computer..at first the game would not launch cause securom didn't like my drive then it redirected me to the securom site where it told me there was an emulation software conflict like i was trying to mount an iso of it when in fact i was not..it seems that the software saw that i had virtual clone drive installed..kinda funny to me when the company says no information about our boxes is gathered..so i myself am hoping that the gamers and file sharers of the world can win this one...
Paul_K said:
It is extremely frustrating. I should be able to install or uninstall a game that I legally purchased on my computer whenever I feel like it. There are a few reason, one being limited hard drive space. The main reason is just because I feel like it. If I paid for it I sould be able to install or uninstall on my computer whenever I like.-PK
tengeta said:
EA is officially a joke, people need to stop buying their crap now and make an actual point.
Anarion said:
I wonder how many more years it's going to be before EA realises that DRMs don't work? It certainly seems to be taking quite some time to penetrate those thick skulls of theirs.
BMfan said:
All i know is that if sims 3 has this drm they wont see any of my money,it's EA look how they F###ed up the need for speed series,most wanted i thought was their best then they brought out carbon i thought that was crap then Pro street what the F##k,people bought NFS for cop chase and s##t.
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