Microsoft bans thousands of Xbox 360 accounts

By on November 12, 2008, 11:45 AM
Microsoft is cleaning house once again by banning from Xbox Live those users who have modified their 360 consoles to play pirated games. According to Major Nelson the banning has been carried out to “keep game play safe and secure” for the 14 million community members, noting that any modification to an Xbox 360 is also a violation of the Xbox Live terms of use.

This comes just days after the release of Gears of War 2, which many gamers illegally downloaded and played on modded consoles before the game was available at retail. Fallout 3 and Call of Duty: World at War are also prime examples of recent big titles that hit the torrent sites way before their actual release dates.

But as usual with this sort of things, you have to wonder whether any “false positives” may have slipped through the cracks, especially since a number of users on the official Xbox forum are already complaining that their accounts have been banned without just cause – which, if true, could be a big nuisance for paying Xbox Live subscribers.

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9Nails said:
It makes me wonder if the illegal downloads aren't some sort of honeypot for attracting the modded systems that are used to play games without paying. You hear more of this on hotly anticipated titles more than you would on a 'B' title.
Twinkie said:
This is why I don't mod my 360...
Seriously I've thought modding my xbox 360 once I get the damn thing fixed so I can turn it into a sweet living room PC/console and then just straight buy an elite w/ a big hard drive to play on XBOX live. Modding to cheat on xbox live is just LAME!!!! Microsoft is easily capable of detecting modded systems on their xbox live network so I'm surprised people haven't figured this out or don't think this through...
JDoors said:
"I'm innocent! Innocent I tell ya!" Yeah, right.
Zeromus said:
What a bunch of ass-cracks.
Grimrocker said:
Hmph... phonies, all of 'em i tell ya all of 'em... these people think they can get away with anything and .... oh wait, now i remember i gotta download something from one o f those torrents. Ok catch 'ya all later.
omegafate said:
there are mods for the console that dont actually mod the gaming itself but it makes it run coolerid do thatbut anything further nomicrosoft has a TOS,and PP (privacy policy) that is very hard to get out of and if u break it in any way especially if cought they can audit your hide if not give them reason to drag u in to courtand that works both ways for the console and pcalso they can do it with out reason as well they can even come to your house to make sure your not running a illegal copy of vista/xp if they wised theyd have a government permitted warrent ready in hrs for it as well or so i heard.
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