FCC Commissioner claims WoW causes college drop-outs

By Justin Mann on December 12, 2008, 1:39 PM
There's no doubt that MMOs have changed the face of online gaming as we know it today. The immense success of World of Warcraft demonstrates this and the game has often been the target of studies surrounding people and online gaming. Interestingly, claims about the dangers of online gaming addiction are spreading even further, with an FCC Commissioner making the bold claim that MMOs, and WoW in particular, have increased the college drop-out rate in the U.S.

We all see many sensationalist claims being made about games, and we all probably remember the sometimes-amusing antics of Jack Thompson. Its rather perplexing, however, to have someone in such a high position make these claims. If there is any evidence to back up the claims that the FCC Commissioner made, they weren't cited and you can certainly expect some outcry from the gaming community regarding this.

This could lead to interesting battles between educators, gamers and gaming companies. Should the FCC even be making any assertions regarding people's computer use? I would very much like to see a Blizzard response to these statements.

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danthok said:
Man I am getting sick of all these negative reports about gaming. It all comes out to self-control! If you choose to play WoW instead of study or go to class, yes you are going to fail and yes it is only a matter of time till you drop out.It is just like the government blaming fast-food for obesity. People choose to eat that crap therefore choose to become obese.Video games have many more positive than negative effects. Sorry had to get that off my chest.....
eddie_42 said:
Amen!! A few people fail at life and all the sudden its a wide pandemic. Lets all point fingers and shift blame so we don't have to take any responsibility for our actions.
old101 said:
Agree with previous two comments. Students drop out because the are either stupid, lazy or both. True now and probably eight hundred years ago when the first universities opened. If the rate of dropouts is increasing the cause is more likely that the parents and the society generally is less demanding, and more forgiving of failure.
benken2202001 said:
This is an article from NBC about a college professor (one that i actually had). Its a good read.[url]http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Can-Video
j5XaNypmG7AwMD[/url]Prof. Roger Travis has also taken to the masses on his own with the "Video Games and Human Values Initiative"http://vghvinet.ning.com/Where the community can respond and correspond about all sorts of ideas generated by video games and MMOs in general.[Edited by benken2202001 on 2008-12-12 23:29:17]
rodneyatvisnet said:
If they really wanna stop college drop out accross the world why not make greater insentives for completing courses. What do you get attached to your degree when you complete, a large college debt. If i had the choice between being broke with a degree or well off and play games . . .simple choice
Nirkon said:
To be honest, I wouldn't be to surprised if its true...
supersmashbrada said:
I'm not going to say much, but I know at least 20 people that didnt make it through college because of games. Yes it has a large part to do with discipline, but you cant deny the fact that these mmo's are making this happen
KingDingDong said:
I agree, I had two college roomies that both dropped out becuase they never went to class. There was numerous times they would both play WOW for 12 hours in a row.....If you ask me thats messed up.
Serag said:
FCC is Damn right about MMO's..especially WoW...Blizzard is offering more Addictive content day after day,,
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