Australian government to block BitTorrent traffic

By on December 22, 2008, 7:54 PM
The Australian government is planning to install mandatory content filters at the ISP level to target not only web traffic – which is already worrisome by itself – but also peer to peer applications like BitTorrent. The move is supposedly aimed at filtering child pornography and terrorist websites, though rather than actually doing something about illegal content like tracking down criminals, they’ll just filter peer to peer traffic along with a static blacklist of sites while ignoring obvious details such as false positives and the civil liberties problems inherent in this approach.

Such a plan has of course generated a wave of criticism and petitions against its proposals, but apparently the minister responsible for it, Stephen Conroy, has maintained its intention to go ahead with the initiative and is set to begin live testing any day now – even though the ISPs that want to participate haven't received instructions yet.

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Emin3nce said:
And i'll be going with the first ISP that doesn't want to run with this stupid arrangement.It's stepping on our civil rights, and pretty soon they will realise that when ohmygosh, they don't get re-elected.
johnvonahlen said:
I run a commercial recording studio and distribute my audio recordings (albums, songs, videos) legally on various torrent sites. So now the government wants to stop torrents and affect my business? No thanks.... I will also go with any ISP that doesn't restrict my civil liberties. Are we going to end up like Communist China? Their government already decides what information their citizens should access. I'll be making my voice heard at the next election....unless they decide to filter my email as well!!Your time is up Stephen Conroy. Why doesn't the Government spend money trying to catch the hundreds of paedophiles out there, instead of punishing the millions of innocent Internet users in Australia with reduced bandwidth and draconian filtering?So much for democracy...
myiq137 said:
Heil, Fuhrer Conroy !I had migrated from a communist country to Australia... I am packing again.But before I leave, I will vote you out ***HOLE !!
fernlyn said:
This government has no idea. I use Bittorent occasionally to download Linux distros and to repair files as it will automatically check them against the torrent. Bittorent is definitely the best way to transfer large amounts of data especially if the md5 fails... anyone can proxy past this firewall anyway...Are they planing on stopping all secure communicatons ?? unless they do this there is no point to any of it
fullmetalvegan said:
Pretty sure they'll only blacklist known illegal sites, not bittorrents altogether.
skitzo_zac said:
I used to be proud to be Australian, but not anymore!Its complete BS, this along with the lack of an R18+ rating for video games really annoys me.I don't mind if the filter doesn't affect anything I do on the internet, but if it slows down my already severely slow internet connection (compared to the rest of the modern world) and falsely blocks any site that I try to visit I will be severely pissed off. Even if I can bypass it with a proxy, I shouldn't have to be doing this.
gobbybobby said:
My ISP decrease my speed if I torrent download during the day, and they send emails if I use Limewire to Download Music. I can get a good speed of around 200Kb/S at 3AM GMT, but at 3PM GMT the speed is more like 5KB/S. Illegall downloading has been a hot topic here in the UK, with people who download 'Amy Winehouse' tracks being sent cour orders, but you can simply get around these by saying you have an un secure wireless network, or run a public network.
avoidz said:
The Australian Gov seems to be doing everything it can to create the worst broadband service in the world. What happened to PM Kevin Rudd's "promise" to build a fast Internet broadband network for all Australians? More election BS from another corrupt politician.
phantasm66 said:
There will be a way around all of this. There is probably a technology coming that blows BitTorrent away and is completely private, secure, untraceable, etc.
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