AMD plans supercomputer for cloud based gaming

By on January 12, 2009, 3:51 PM
During a presentation at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, chipmaker AMD unveiled plans to make games and other complex content available through cloud computing, by building a massive supercomputer that would calculate all relevant data on the sever side and then stream the results to virtually any type of device with decent broadband connectivity.

These devices – ranging from cell phones to laptops – would theoretically be able to play games and HD movies without draining much of their battery life or even requiring potent hardware. Dubbed the “AMD Fusion Render Cloud,” the supercomputer will be powered by AMD Phenom II processors, AMD 790 chipsets and ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics processors. It is expected to be ready in the second half of 2009 and will be run by a Los Angeles software and special effects company called Otoy.

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mrtraver said:
This sounds like the game system in the Charles Stross novel "Halting State".
benken2202001 said:
This might work for a lot of turn based or RTS games. But I donno if the FPS and MMORPG games would work as this system probably has a large game lag.As I see it, you'd connect to the streaming service, your controls (mousclicks and keystrokes) are streamed to the service while video streamed to your hardware. I just imagine that there would be a larger relay time for the jump from your system, to the service, to the online game, and then slow response time from the game, to the service, and back to your screen.But I must say it would be nice never to have to install a game ever again.
supersmashbrada said:
Are they serious? This is going to be a failed attempt of trying to do something that isn't capable of returning profit, if they can actually do this.
captain828 said:
a pretty vague announcement; watching a Bluray over then net is a no-go... 1080p still no, perhaps 720p, but you would still need a very fast connection (probably Wi-Fi or Broadband)also, playing [insert modern popular game] on your mobile/netbook would sound... like BS due to huge bandwidth required to stream all the contentperhaps some less 3D intensive games... like CS or UT '99IMHO, this idea really does seam like something from the clouds... DAAMIT should get their feet back on the ground
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