Microsoft says next Xbox still distant

By on January 12, 2009, 5:16 PM
The original Xbox lasted only four years in the market before its next-gen sibling arrived, but it looks like the Xbox 360 is going to be around a bit longer than that. At least according to Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices president Robbie Bach, who claims the company will focus on improving the Xbox’s games and features rather than rushing to introduce a new model.

Microsoft appears to be eyeing a page in Nintendo's playbook, whose insanely successful Wii console almost devalued technological horsepower in favor of innovative controls and mass-market appeal. It’s evident that the next generation of consoles will have to do more than simply push pixels. Of course, Bach also notes that the current global economic crisis would make it all the more difficult to convince users to upgrade their game consoles, especially with the quality of graphics on today's consoles.

Part of the decision could also be attributed to the explosion of Xbox Live, the general trend toward multiplayer online games and digital distribution on the rise. But most importantly, Microsoft seems to have finally gotten its gaming business to the point where it is actually turning a profit, so to rush the beginning of the next cycle would certainly make no sense.

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Deathstar17 said:
It only makes sense that MS will want to get a lot of life out the 360 and I feel like it has a lot of great stuff to offer still...
9Nails said:
There's noting wrong with the Xbox 360. Sure, we might complain about the fan noise, but as a console system it still has a lot of life left in it. I don't see any reason to rush the next Xbox to market like the 360 did. My opinion as a consumer are certainly in-line with those of Robbie Bach.Now, speaking to that next version, i think that the $499 price point is too high. So what ever they come up with, it should be closer to $299 than before.
Julio said:
I agree that the current Xbox has a lot of breathing life ahead of it. Xbox Live's potential was untapped in full just over the past year and with that I mean they are monetizing it extremely well today.Rather than a complete replacement I foresee a new revision of the console in the coming 12 months. That is, same level of performance but on a smaller more efficient package, which shouldn't be too difficult to put together at this point.
wendig0 said:
The full power of the original Xbox was never completely tapped, and the same goes for the 360. There is alot to uncover yet for the 360 console.
yukka said:
Yep looking forward to a few more years of decent games without having to replace my hardware. Should be obvious that the 360 offers a cheap console with a decent lifespan still left and the games keep getting better.
siiix said:
Xbox Live is the biggest ripoff of all times, how can they just now turn profit when the only thing they charge you for is ability to connect your xbox with your internetuntil they charge money for simple MP ability, the potential will never be unbleached
MichaelLS said:
Come on Jose - this is about the fact that they have lost money on every box they have ever produced. And its not just a small amount of money either. Failure rates are/were terribly high. Engineering development costs are based on rate of return. No returns, no future development. Duh! The next generation is simply not funded!!!It then becomes a race to see if we can turn this failure around somehow. How can we get the consumer to buy into this 'thing' we have created? We put how much cash into development?Get it together Micro$oft!!! You can still build a better gaming platform from off the shelf parts! Why would we compromise?It's shameful to be getting tromped in gaming sales by - what's this - the iPhone-y? The iTouchy?Put to shame by Nintendo's Wee can make music and Wee can't dance! Oh please! And then you went out and copied their Wee little people???Where was your marketing team on this Micro$soft?? Busy fixing Vista? Busy thinking of a terrible name for your MP3 player. Sigh!This is a huge market and it doesn't take a real genius to succeed here.Come on Micro$oft! No wonder you are laying off people! Sustainable products require better planning and management!
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