AMD drops Phenom II prices in response to Intel

By Justin Mann on January 20, 2009, 3:31 PM
Intel pulled a move this week, friendly to customers and hostile to AMD, slashing many CPU prices shortly after AMD released some new generation units. They cut prices on several CPUs including quad-core units and Xeons. The price cut was significant, enough for AMD to take notice. As a result, AMD has now responded with price cuts of their own.

For their new 45nm Phenom II units, AMD has cut prices significantly, with the Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition for instance receiving a 15% cut. The cheaper Phenom II X4 920 received about a 17% cut, and other CPUs were affected as well.

These cuts are an obvious response to Intel, given that AMD is currently having financial difficulties, evident by their planned job cuts and financial restructuring. They are dead set on getting people to buy their CPUs again, it seems, even if it means having to undercut.

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johnsonlam said:
To avoid Monopoly, I always buy AMD though it's a bit slower, but it also cheaper. Intel always changes CPU socket design, to force you replace motherboard again and again, I'm tired of Intel's game.
realneil said:
Yes, I buy AMD usually as well. But I have to point out that a 'bit slower' isn't slow at all.My two Phenom 9950's are smokin' fast and play all of my games quite well thank you.I'm getting ready to pop both of them out and install two Phenom-II 940's later this week.No board changes required, just a BIOS flash.I love it
binwhui said:
that's what's not intel or amd here.. all i can say is that let's help each other balance these processor market out.. so buying amd right now would make it more competitive..i say realneil and johnsonlam are right^-^
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