Seagate offers new firmware for broken hard drives

By on January 22, 2009, 4:22 PM
It’s been a busy week for Seagate. After releasing a bug fixing firmware update earlier this week, which ended up causing more harm than good by bricking certain drives, the company is now giving it another go and has just shipped an updated firmware for all models of hard drives affected by the software flaw – namely the Barracuda 7200.11, ES.2 SATA and DiamondMax 22.

Seagate is assuring those with bricked hard drives due to the previous firmware that they shouldn’t lose any of their data as a result of the problems, but it has also pledged to provide recovery services at no charge if necessary. You can go to this website if your hard drive is affected and download the new working firmware – hopefully they’ll get it right this time.

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tonylukac said:
They stated in some other article yesterday that they had the firmware to fix the bricking issue. However, for my 1.5 terabyte ST31500341AS hard drive, the firmware still says "In Validation". Lets get the story right, media. Luckily, I didn't follow your previous instructions and brick my drive. I think I will wait for failure before applying any kindergarden flunkout firmware. The reason I found this message board was for another Seagate drive issue.
avoidz said:
Seagate just screwed their reputation.
avoidz said:
Are you kidding? I can't type the word "rep-u-tation" here because of the letters "p_u_t_a" in it? Ridiculous. Internet censorship gone mad.
Julio said:
Not ridiculous censorship, just poor programming. Just fixed that now :)
champmanfan said:
Damn, don't Seagate test these at all?Like any new firmware/patches, leave it 2 weeks until the dust settles to see if people have issues. Anyone who jumps first always gets badly bitten.
windmill007 said:
Hummmm who updates there hard drive firmware anyways..... I have always had Western Digital hard drives and never heard of such a thing?
MichaelLS said:
Ahhhh, so this is what happens when your older staff retires and you move the manufacturing off shore to save money.Pssssst! Buy the SV drives. Working so far!!Nice new - very short - warranty Seagate! I think not!!!Lessons learnt the hard way Seagate.
tonylukac said:
Unusual that I cannot edit my remarks because it said they expired. An update on the ST31500341AS 1.5 terabyte. It started giving off a whining and clicking sound each boot after about 4 minutes of runtime for a 30 second interval. While it was whining, the data was unaccessable. Each time, it then stopped whining and returned to normal. The serial checker said the firmware didnt need upgrading. An email reply explicitly said NOT to upgrade the firmware; to ship it to them under the warranty. I was having luck that day, so I upgraded the firmware from sd17 to sd1b against their advice. The firmware was difficult to locate with 1000 or so search results. The upgrade worked and the drive runs normally without whining or clicking now. If I had sent it in, I would have gotten a used, refurbished drive with the same crappy sd17 firmware, which would have had the same problem. Just wanted to let you know.
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