Pirated copies of iWork '09 infect Macs with Trojan

By on January 22, 2009, 10:30 PM
Intego, makers of VirusBarrier and other security software for the Mac, says it has discovered a new Trojan horse in pirated copies of Apple's iWork '09 productivity suite circulating on a number of torrent sites. According to the security firm, the package is installed as a system-wide startup item, where it has read-write permissions as root and could allow malicious users to take charge of the machine remotely.

The Trojan, which was classified as a “serious” risk and named OSX.Trojan.iServices.A, can not only install additional components but can also modify existing apps, making it extremely difficult to remove. Intego reports that over 20,000 users have downloaded the package and notes that the Trojan now appears to be actively downloading new code to infected machines and using them to carry out DDoS attacks on certain websites.

Intego’s advisory is yet another reminder of the growing popularity of OS X and, interestingly enough, it comes just a day after Apple announced that they will be removing serial key piracy protection from retail copies of iWork '09.

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MichaelLS said:
I find this so very hard to accept!I call this scare tactics on the part of Intego!!And if true - more than likely authored by them!!Besides, who would be so dumb as to download something so obviously vulnerable? Nothing is free from a bit torrent site! How stupid is stupid?Their software is / has been useless for quite some time now! Fact!The Virus Barrier package is easily defeated! Fact! Terribly out of date with the current OS.The Net Barrier firewall does not / can not block ads, nor cookies, its just not functional anymore, not as advertised. Proven fact!Support at Intego - non-existent!! No longer there!!!! Nobody is home!!!Sales are very obviously down and someone is getting very desperate.Beware the false and fear mongering desperate salesman!I just don't buy it! Sorry! Funny how searches don't come up with anything!!It's only $80.00 people!!! Why pirate something like iWork 09?If true - hey - you get what you pay for!Trouble is always free and usually stolen.
Kage Goomba said:
As I work for an Authorized Apple Reseller and Support Hundreds of Mac Clients including a couple servers I have to say this is the biggest bunch of ########## I've seen yet.First off... you have to be completely foolish to download a pirated copy of an Apple Product.... if you can't figure that out... you deserve to be compromised or worse.Secondly... There are no such breeches in security to date according to Apple... the only ones that exist... are the ones YOU make by doing stupid things like downloading pirated software.This smells of rotten fish... or worse.... and I have to concur that Intego's lack of support is suspect in this case.If your going to get an Apple product then buy it form Apple directly or an authorized reseller... otherwise your just begging for trouble.Scare tactics and terrorism are really really stupid things to do.I strongly advise you call Apple directly before you make any foolish conclusions or notions.
shl0791 said:
"Secondly... There are no such breeches in security to date according to Apple... the only ones that exist... are the ones YOU make by doing stupid things like downloading pirated software."you haven't heard of the pwn2own competition?nothing's perfect, Apple's not perfect, don't buy into the cool aid.
tengeta said:
Oh yeah, piratings only cool until it hurts Apple.Gimmie a freakin break.
yukka said:
haha apple macs getting owned rofl lmao
fullmetalvegan said:
yeah, and ahaha, mac fan boys getting all worked up over it.
adamk1101 said:
Not surprising at all. Year after year, Mac OS is reported to be the most vulnerable O/S. For those of you that don't know what the pwn2own competition is, it's a competition where hackers have to break into windows, linux, and mac and the results are reported and studied. In the last competition, Mac fell first and it fell fast (on the first day of the competition).The fact of the matter is that as popularity slowly gains on the mac, more hackers will make more viruses for it, simple as that. Mac is still a small percentage compared to the PC world, but nonetheless, the overconfidence that macs are invulnerable seems to be leading some malicious coders to increase their efforts to break the system in more ways.Not to mention apple fanboys are annoying...
Kage Goomba said:
It would seem the collective IQ of this crowd is less than stellar.I didn't say Apple was perfect.... I didn't even talk about apples security.The fact is.. if you had bothered to read the subject... its people downloading pirated copies of iwork.The products you buy from Apple "Legitimately" are safe and secure as intended from the factory.... if your going to be foolish enough to break the law and download a pirated software then you will receive no mercy from me or any respectable IT Professional.If you don't have the intelligence greater than your average 5th grader windows ***** user then you have no business speculating on security for the Apple systems.And speculation it is.... no proof.. no shirt... no shoes... no service.In short... Epic Fail.
JDoors said:
[b]Originally posted by tengeta:[/b][quote]Oh yeah, piratings only cool until it hurts Apple.Gimmie a freakin break.[/quote] Have to second that (though others have said you'd have to be an ***** to pirate, like that stops it from happening). Saying you'd have to initiate an infection is beyond the pale, of course you do (in this case), but you STILL wind up infected (ask millions of Windows users how that works). As Apple gains market share and MS plugs more holes in Windows, expect more of this.
MichaelLS said:
Wow! For all you Stockholm Syndrome suffers - it helps to read the article first.Yes, they do say that the average Windows user can only retain 10% of what they read and then only utilize only 5% of what is left. Appears to be true!Sorry Windows has been such a bad experience for you fellows.So - the consensus is - the pirates are betrayed, offended and confused! I get it!Now - back to reality!
Kage Goomba said:
For those poor pirates who decided that they deserve a free copy of everything but too stupid to realize they are breaking the law:[url]http://macscan.securemac.com/iworkservices-trojan-h
eafshar said:
copyright is meant to promote innovation and thinking.. if anything is going to be over priced, and copyrighted for the lifetime of the author + 50yrs.. i will not buy it. Such only copyrights promote monopolies.take microsoft for example.. they were very against copyright at the begining and copied everyone in their products.. but now are the biggest advocate of copyright.. they even copyrighted pg up, pg down key.. just retarded. i am no mac use. To be a mac user u need pay extra 500$ premium for a lower performing computer.. have to live with incompatible softwares and pay to buy everything else from Steve jobs.PC is safe if u know what u r doing.. and for all mac users unable to pirate overpriced products.. well u have already paid extra for a computer with lower specs.. then why not buy the programs too.. u seem rich and stupid enough for both.
tengeta said:
The only difference between Microsoft and Apple is public perception, profit margins, and their fanboys. Behind closed doors they operate the EXACT same in every imaginable manner.
fullmetalvegan said:
Well, no, you can't play games on a Mac - so there's one major difference. =P But it is true, you are paying excessive dollars for an underpowered machine when you choose Mac. The same price for a PC and it'll be at least 2x more powerful.
MichaelLS said:
You people are amazing.For the record - this very expense - as you say - Power Mac - 4 Core sitting here - is running Windows XP SP3 - OS-X - Windows 98SE - and Linux - and all at the same time.You can't do that on your Windows platform. Windows still can't handle more than 2 cores at any given time and this is the only time I have ever had a stable copy of Windows that runs for months.BTW - I can back it up in 20 seconds - restore is in 15 seconds. It called VMware Fussion - before you ask!WOW! - you Stockholm Syndrome people are amazing.Blessings!
fullmetalvegan said:
[b]Originally posted by MichaelLS:[/b][quote]You can't do that on your Windows platform.[/quote]Yeah I can.Do you actually have valid things to say, or do you just purely spout out Apple fanboy propaganda?
MichaelLS said:
Take a screen shot of all four OS's running and post it please!This I would love to see!BTW - I use UNIX most all the time - I am not a great fan of Liberal - Save The Earth - Apple Fan Boys Cultists. Nor do I fancy young immature script pirating kiddies who think they know everything.Blessings!
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