IE drops below 70% global market share?

By Justin Mann on February 3, 2009, 1:49 PM
The worldwide usage rate of Internet Explorer has reached a new low of 67.55%, according to Net Applications, dropping a total of 7 percent over the course of last year and falling below 70 percent market share for the first time in nearly 10 years. Those losses have come primarily from the gain of Firefox and Safari, which now stand at 21.53% and 8.29% respectively. IE7 has helped Microsoft's browser situation, making significant gains, but IE6 is quickly falling out of favor all around. With IE8 due to arrive soon, it's not fair to say that Microsoft is “losing” anything, we all know what a browser refresh can do to bolster your user base, such as what we saw with the release of Firefox 2.

Let's also hope that the winner in any browser war will be the billions of people that use them. The developers and companies behind them can start off with the best of intentions, but a cutthroat environment is not one that fosters a better web experience. To that end, it does seem that all modern browsers have been in a feature race – now if only we could get them to also get in a compatibility race we'd be set.

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9Nails said:
Wouldn't that be nice if a browser was a browser and plug-ins were the only thing you had to worry about for compatibility?I've tried Internet Explorer 8, it's nice and has some good features. But my one complaint is that it's non-intuitive in the way you edit your Favorites or add a Live Bookmark feed. If that doesn't change, IE will still be the browser that I use to get Firefox and then forget.
DarkCobra said:
The "Fox" still rules. I think IE8 is an improvement from IE7 but nothing earth shattering. I mean it's the same old tired platform with just a few tweaks and a few new toys. As a web builder I'm having a hard time getting some Java apps, Flash and scripts to play nice with IE8 in the sandbox. I've started to strongly recommend everyone I know to migrate to Firefox or Opera (I'm losing interest in Chrome). It's sad because with the resources of MS there is no excuse for them not rivaling what others are now doing. I never thought I'd say this but it seems like ever since Gates stepped down and Ballmer took over things in Redmond have gotten worse!
Julio said:
I haven't used IE8 too extensively to compare it against Firefox 3, but IE7 is a decent browser overall for general use although it's still a bit of a nightmare to code for it (let alone its previous versions) and it's not quite as speedy or stable than its current crop of competitors, so that should be a priority for IE8 along with security.
yukka said:
I tried ie8 at work but it wasnt compatible with our web based helpdesk software. I did like the look and feel using it in Windows 7 but I would still use an alternative like firefox at home.
windmill007 said:
SIMPLE....If you want spyware and ads poping in your face choose IE...if you don't choose Firefox with a few ad-ons. Every computer I work on with viruses and spyware the user always uses IE. I never see any with the fox.
MichaelLS said:
[b]Originally posted by windmill007:[/b][quote]SIMPLE....If you want spyware and ads poping in your face choose IE...if you don't choose Firefox with a few ad-ons. Every computer I work on with viruses and spyware the user always uses IE. I never see any with the fox.[/quote]Exactly! Well said! Very, Very Vulnerable!So... begs the question: Why? Why still so...?Now, anyone done side by side comparisons? Terribly, terribly S-L-O-W!Time for a re-write Micro$oft!!! Stop patching the patched patch!
Grimrocker said:
Looks like a lotta people woke up from their slumber and realized there's something better than M$ web browser... which is good infact.
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