Netflix planning streaming-only option for 2010

By Justin Mann on February 23, 2009, 7:07 PM
If you're a Netflix customer that has taken advantage of the very nifty but somewhat scope-limited streaming feature, you might be in for a cost break in the near future. Netflix's CEO has stated that they are considering to offer a streaming-only plan option by next year that would do without the physical DVDs sent by mail.

With the advent of more hardware streaming devices ready to take advantage of Netflix's video streaming, the only setback for people would be video selection. If Netflix can beef that up, a streaming-only option that is somewhat discounted from their regular service rates would be very attractive. Netflix has found in their own studies that given a choice, many people prefer to use their “Watch Instantly” feature over waiting for a DVD. In fact, there's over a million Xbox users currently using that feature.

Netflix definitely has the subscriber base and the appeal to make such options viable. Their only setback is video selection, where their online library still pales in comparison to their massive DVD library.

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viperpfl said:
With many ISP's currently having internet caps, streaming video is less appealing. Who would want to pay extra to there ISP just to watch a streaming video? Time Warner is going to be charging $1 a gig over your 40 gig cap and Comcast will cut you off if you go over your 250 gig cap. I have used the streaming video option from Netflix and thought it was great but only as an option. Streaming video provides a convenience but that is all. There is still a lot of people including myself who prefer the physical DVD.
sngx1275 said:
I found I wasn't ordering DVDs as often, so I dropped my plan to 1 dvd at a time, but am paying more to keep streaming as an option. I may consider dropping the mail part all together if I could keep the streaming, especially if they continue to get more movies. Starz really helped them out there.I guess one of the few advantages of me living in an area where there isn't the big providers like Comcast and TW is that my ISP doesn't have any silly caps. I can download at my max dl 24/7 and not get a notice from my ISP. While I've never actually tried it for a month, I have transferred at my max dl for a solid 2 weeks without issue. The only problem is the max available speeds here are much slower than those offered by the big boys.
tengeta said:
I don't know why people complain about Cox, I'm at 370+ gigs this month and they don't care at all. They called and asked me if my computers had viruses or something but I just told them I've been using that much traffic, and they didn't seem to care at all when I said that.Its really funny because since I just looked at it there is an actual cap at 40, I guess they just don't enforce it.
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