Microsoft confirms option to ditch IE8 in Windows 7

By on March 6, 2009, 1:50 PM
Microsoft has acknowledged recent findings that, starting with the next major test release of Windows 7, users will be able to remove Internet Explorer 8 from the operating system. The company published a new post on its Engineering Windows 7 blog today confirming this along with other features users would be able to turn on and off in the control panel.

This includes nearly all major components in Windows, including Media Player, Media Center, Windows Search, and so on just uncheck the undesired feature and its gone. Likewise, the features can easily be added back to Windows 7 without popping in the installation disc. Overall, this looks like a smart move from Microsoft which lets them include everything they want in their OS while avoiding antitrust complaints at the same time. Check out more details and an extended list of features that can be turned off and on here.

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yukka said:
Now I know the messenger wasnt included in the beta (and wont be bundled) and had to be downloaded. It seems strange/silly to allow the option to remove things like media player and IE8 without removing them entirely and freeing up hard drive space unless they compress down to nothing when uninstalled. At the same time its nice to have the option to put them back but will there be an option to remove them entirely to slim down the install as far as possible?
nazartp said:
Mozilla is about 7 megs in size. I would presume that IE would be smaller since it relies on the OS for a bunch of things. Are you really concerned about 10-20 megs of space for extra stuff? Even SSDs are now in tens of GB in capacity at a minimum.On top of that I would bet that some ***** that would purchase the computer from the store would delete the distro/lose the CD and would remove IE without installing anything else first. Then the customers will be complaining about the need for a CD. Mark my words.
yukka said:
standard install of vista is 13gigs? I am interested in lowering that by as much as possible without third party software in windows 7.
9Nails said:
I still want a single distribution media, like Apple OS-X. It's annoying when I have to fix a computer and need an MVL disk or an OEM or retail because and all the different versions of each because of the different ways MS licenses their OS.Having options to turn off certain things would speed up deployment and imaging in my computer labs too. I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully Sysprep won't make any turns for the worse. And I do hope that the final disk footprint can be made significantly smaller.
tengeta said:
This should make administrative installs effortless, anyone who knows about Windows XP Fundamentals knows what I'm talking about.
supersmashbrada said:
I'm hoping to get an upgrade discount of some sort being as though I've spent 350 usd for vista ultimate 64, a week right before W7 beta was announced.
fwilliams said:
Putting a check box in front of an application does not remove or install it.Maybe they are trying to convince the stupid EU that this will allow competition.
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