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By on April 6, 2009, 3:14 AM
Thanks to everybody who participated in the Good Old Games giveaway, the five winners have now been selected and will be notified via email.

Giveaway winners: Kastan, cyrusjumpjet, jtickner1, gamingmage, Tritton.
Congratulations! GOG has now issued the selected games to the TS members above.

We have another, much larger giveaway coming in the next few weeks. As a teaser here's some of the confirmed prizes so far: (1) Acer Aspire One netbook, (1) Asus Eee PC 10" netbook, (2) Aten KVM units - review soon, (1) Slingbox HD, and hopefully some extra software freebies.

For any further prize suggestions feel free to post in the comments.
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Last year we covered the launch of Good Old Games, a digital distribution service for PC games that specializes in classic titles that are at least a few years old – some of them dating back to the early 90s. The team behind has built an interesting catalog of games that includes such classics like the original Fallout, MDK, Duke Nukem 3D, Earthworm Jim, Descent, and many others. Best of all, they are completely DRM free and available for direct download from the site.

The company recently signed a deal with Ubisoft to publish some of its best back-catalog titles and today they announced they have reached the 100 title milestone with the free point-and-click adventure game Teenagent. With other games ranging from $5.99 to $9.99 apiece, this service is definitely worth a look if not for the nostalgia factor alone.

And well, the kind folks at have offered us a handful of titles for our readers. So what does it take to win? All you have to do is leave a comment saying you want to participate and we'll select five random winners by the end of the week. Each will receive two free games: one of the three Ubisoft titles that were recently added to the catalog (Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946) along with their choice from this week’s highest rated and best selling games.

Although you only need to comment to enter the drawing, to make the conversation a bit more interesting you could probably mention a title or two of the oldies that are most memorable to you. This top-rated list is probably a good start, I'd personally pick the original MDK.

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ZiggyX said:
I'd like to participate :-)*sighs at memories of the good ol games*They just don't make them like they used to, Beyond Good and Evil was a great game! :-)I might buy that again, if I don't win! :POh, the Fallouts were great games as well! how could I forget!Go Techspot! :D
Kastan said:
Fallout series have been really great since when it came, there is nothing like it, or if it is i havent played it and it probably isnt as good as Fallout is.Id like to participate i have lost my fallout CD-s.
MMDominator88 said:
I would love to participate as well! Duke nukem series and Fallout series were probably the most fun for me
cyrusjumpjet said:
I'm in as well!I have memories of watching my friend play the original MDK on his computer. My very favorites, though, would have to be Freespace and Freespace 2. BEST space flight sims ever created. These games are just brilliant -- highly recommended.
burty117 said:
I'm in! Fallout 2 would is legend! haven't played it in a long time!
Aerendyl said:
I would like to participate! Fallout is a big game and i didn't play it for a long time. Also Toca rocks! :) Also TechSpot rocks! :D
supersmashbrada said:
I'd like to get in on this. I started with FO 3 and absolutely loved it. I originally heard about this site with the old games on G4TV about a month ago. I'm just thankful I'm an active member on TS or else I would have missed this opportunity.
Siman said:
I would like to participate too.As i already have Fallout 1,2 i would say Disciples 2 or Beyond Good and Evil
daumast said:
I'd like to participate too
jtickner1 said:
Count me in, I'd like to participate. Duke Nukem 3D, man I love that game. Brings back so many memories of me and my cousin playing co-op on the 64 version trying to finish it without a memory card. The 64 would always end up getting too hot and locking up around the same level :'(
BlackIrish said:
I would also like to participate!P.S. My favourite game would be Capitalism 2, I spend hours playing it!
Rage_3k_Moiz said:
I'd like to participate too. =)For me, it'd be Duke Nukem 3D and MDK2. Two of the finest games I have ever played and still remember to this day.
gamerguy53 said:
original warcraft?
Tekkaraiden said:
I've been trying to find a copy of Freespace 2 for the longest time. Looks like a pretty good deal to me.
isamuelson said:
Wow. I may actually have to go all the way back to my Apple ][ days for this.Wizardry and Ultima definitely stick out as two of the most excellent gaming franchises I can remember to date.On the PC, Doom and Duke Nukem.
ranger12 said:
count me in!Rollercoaster tycoon and simcity 2000 def. my favorites
coda22 said:
I would like to participate!! Definitely would LOVE to have the old Fallout games again! Lost my discs in a move years ago, I loved those games. Probably the first game that really got me into PC gaming, good memories there. Keeping my fingers crossed!
mdeguzis said:
My best memories prob. came from earthworm jim and descent. I first came upon Descent mannnny years ago and was fascinated by its first person sci-fi exploration /shooter nature. I can't tell you how many* times I got pissed when I ran out of time or got destroyed when close to the end of the level. And then came the time I got my Genesis console and earthworm jim. The comedic level and quirky action was just an amazing combo no one could put down. Def. two of my favorite titles , hands down.
josmol said:
How can a true gamer not go to and spend a ton of money on these classics. My problem is just going there and trying not to buy everything insight. So many great games, so many great stories, and of course the memories of playing a ton of them when they first came out. Heck, a BUNCH of those games when they did first come out I didn't have a computer with enough umph to play them. Funny how things change! The Fallout series (thanks to Fallout 3) is probably going to be my first purchase on that sight. Duke Nukem was a great romp as well. In fact my wife loved that game as well and she just doesn't get into the kind of games I play. Spellforce always seemed cool - never played it though.
RRayZz said:
I would like to participate!!!!UT and Fallout would be my favourites. Haven't played them in awhile, however it beings back very good memories. =)
njmarkham said:
Championship Manager, Grand Theft Auto, Indiana Jones and going way back, the original Leisure Suit Larry's.
drakath said:
I can recall an old star trek click adventure game, was quite interesting. Also gog has many free games that I'll download just to try.
JMMD said:
Fallout is my most memorable old game. I loved that game from the very first cinematic.
neill1973 said:
Lot of good titles there I will be picking some up for sure.
luckton said:
I'd love to enter! Sacrifice was one of the best games back in the day.
Docnoq said:
I'm in for participation!I've never played the old Fallouts but I've been itching to since I got into Fallout 3. The old Duke Nukems were awesome too!
Serag said:
Very very good idea..MDK..sigh..that brings back some good memories..I would love to participate..
stbecker said:
Count me in - I'm feeling nostalgic today. Descent, Duke Nukem, and UT kept me sane through college - lol! I would love to try out racing games Toca or McRae. Sturmovik and Soldiers still looks interesting.[Edited by stbecker on 2009-04-01 09:52:28]
kabzz said:
I want to participate too! :) the most memorable huh.. that would be Sacred, i like the game but i wasn't able to buy it. I only borrowed it from a friend, I'd love to have my own copy though :) oh btw,PainKiller, anyone? :)
TomSEA said:
Definitely want to join in on this. I'm an avid video gamer since the days of the original Pong that you hooked to the back of your TV (which I still have). My most memorable very old classic PC games include the Zork triology, all of the Ultima games, Bard's Tale, Archon, Impossible Mission (Amiga) and Doom.The more recent (but still old school) PC games I've really enjoyed are all of the Unreal games, the MechWarrior series, HalfLife 2: Episode One, Diablo, Age of Empires I through III, Max Payne and Dungeon Keeper 2
riotks said:
1nsane was the first racing game that added real physics and damagable parts, in my perspective. I liked it a lot at the time it was released. :D
onlytrung said:
Count me in!I really missed my old games.
polidiotic said:
I'd like to participate! =]Great list of games... Prince of Persia, Beyond Good and Evil, Sacrifice and Giants: Citizen Kabuto were all awesome! Addictive, entertaining, challenging... and the way games should be.If I could add games to that list, they'd be oldschool Lucasarts adventure games, like Indiana Jones, Day of the Tentacle, (the Mansion one... can't remember the name), Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and the like... also, I'd add some Blizzard goodness of Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3 and Diablo II. Oh... Sam & Max, too. ;]How I miss the old ones. =/
Gamingmage said:
I'd like to be in as well!and Unreal Tournament GOTY is definitely the best in there but some memorable ones in there as well Fallout and such, but Unreal traces back to one of the best PC games I played
TyShoelaces0513 said:
Long-time lurker, first time poster. Figured I'd throw my hat into this contest. I really got into PC gaming only a couple years ago, so this would be a great opportunity to play some of the oldies I've missed.-TyShoe
Captain Dibnah said:
I'd like to be in! I never played any of those games back in the day, but I'd love to give 'em a go.
DarkCobra said:
Well I would very much like to win although I've never won anything and don't expect to win anything now. I would like to simply say thanks to all those offering games in this contest and to TechSpot for sponsoring it.My most memorable game was from UbiSoft and it was "POD". It was one of the first MMX games back in 1997 and it still is one of my all time favorites though I no longer have it and don't think it can run on Vista 64 anyway. Thanks to UbiSoft for that game as it game me a lot of enjoyment. If you can make it run on Vista 64 by all means re-issue it!
raul_bejarano said:
Duke Nukem was one of the best old games ever made... Also Unreal Tournament was really good, but required a lot of system resources compared to other games.
biomurph said:
Count me in! My favs include Civ (especially Civ II), Age of Empires, Doom 1 & 2, Descent.
ryantech said:
I'd like to participateI do love the old games still play them to this date (al thought that might have something to do with my computer not being handleanything 'moden' lol)Games like unreal Tournament, speel force, the heros of might and magic serreshomeworld etc
timdeezie said:
The fallout series... and MDKCount me in!!!!
dasupafreak said:
i wanna win. btw - giants: ciitzen kabuto & sacrifice = best games evar!
Psychodan said:
I would like to participate. I spent a lot of time on Duke Nukem and Doom, brings but good memories.
skitzo_zac said:
This has got to be the most commented on story on TS ever right?I probably should play the original Fallout, or Beyond Good & Evil they are meant to be classics. Appart from them I'd love to get my hands of a copy of Simon the Sorceror that was an awesome game.
archd said:
i am in!!!my best games ever probably starcraft but fallout not a bad choice too
chadfm said:
I'm in; my older favorites include doom games, sim cities, and definitely the older delta force games. Sadly, I don't go too far back.
ilikefreestuff said:
Cool site, lots of memories. The game I was most hoping to see was Star Control 2. What a great game.The one I am super tempted to get is Castles + Castles 2. Fighting the urge as I know I will spend countless hours on those games.Edit: Since writing this I have tracked down a Freeware version of SC2!! I have this article to thank for it. Thanks Jose![Edited by ilikefreestuff on 2009-04-01 22:35:02]
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