EVO gaming console now available for pre-order

By Justin Mann on April 3, 2009, 3:24 PM
If you haven't heard of the EVO console, you are not alone. When a new player emerges onto the console market and claims they will have a new platform for us in short order, it's easy to dismiss it. There have been flops and vaporware consoles in the past, such as the Phantom console which was teased about for a number of years. However, a company called Envizions, which announced a Linux-based console called EVO last year, seems to actually be making some progress. Apparently, the company has finalized the hardware specs for the box and is now taking pre-orders.

The Linux-based console won't be cheap, coming in anywhere from $280 to $380. What will that kind of cash get you? We're not sure at this point. The only information regarding to the games it will sport is generic, claiming it'll be shipped with a cloud service for Amiga-based games and a video on demand service. On top of that there will be games sold at retail as well, on SD cards, but they will have to offer something really sweet to get gamers to bite. What's your take on this? Could there possibly be more room in the console market for another player?

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camuss15 said:
This is pretty interesting, but I haven't heard of it until now. The pictures of it show that it is very plain looking, coming in a basic rectangular black case. I like hearing that retail games will be sold on SD cards for it. I think every console should use flash memory as the media for games instead of large, noisy disks, which are prone to damage very easily, whether out of the drive or inside it (Xbox 360, anyone?).I would like to hear more about this once it has actually been released.[b]Originally posted on the site linked to by this article:[/b][quote]The EVO is built around a quad-core Athlon 64x2 5600 clocked at 2.4GHz, clocked down now from the originally intended 2.9GHz frequency.[/quote]I don't understand how an Athlon 64x2 5600 is a quad-core cpu and why they would underclock it. To save electricity I guess?[Edited by camuss15 on 2009-04-03 16:19:09]
TomSEA said:
I'm with camuss15. The interest is there, but I need more detail - LOTS more detail. What's been released so far is so vague that I don't see how anyone with a lick of sense would pony up nearly 4 bills to pre-order this.
Badfinger said:
25 year old Amiga games, via the internet? Anyone with know how can setup emulators on their PC, this is looking bad?Not what I'd want for a Linux based product to make a SPLASH in the marketplace, is what comes to mind at the moment.
yukka said:
Yep, you have to supply a little more info to get people interested. When they get serious I will take notice and see if they can hold my attention. Using SD cards is an interesting move. Thats the only interesting item - streaming old amiga games for 300 smackeroos? Hmm..
Sunny87 said:
I think this is a open source console were the users get given a dev kit to work with or just use it as a games console, the unit it self can pump out quite good graphics better by miles than the Xbox 1.The specs I last herd for this was only a AMD athlon 64 at 2.6Ghz but I think they changed it to a AMD 5600 dual core CPU and a ATi HD graphics card with HDMI out, and 2GB of RAM, don't quote me on that!EDIT!Just checked out the specs...CPU: Athlon 64x2 5600 2.4GhzGraphics: ATI HD 3200RAM: DDR2 2GBHDD: 120GBOS: Fedora core Mirrors or upgrade to Fedora Core Mirrors Evolution X[Edited by Sunny87 on 2009-04-06 02:48:06]
type1fan said:
It's actually using CPU Athlon 64x2 4850e@2.4GThe specs are here at the company site.[url]http://www.evosmartconsole.com/specifications.html
BlackShadeDark said:
I guess this will suck-ass, since the recent consoles almost have the same/better specs and I don't think most people want to spend another 699 for a console with no vast array of games and not so good specs. And also the developers won't go crazy on this one I guess since most have projects on X360,PS3,Wii and PC yet...Ah well, to bad for the wasted money on this Console.
PanicX said:
Sounds suspiciously like another [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Phantom_(game_system)]
hantom[/url] vaporware system.However, this idea is a genius way to get game developers to port their software to OpenGL and finally allow linux to compete with Windows as a gaming OS. As far as I'm concerned, my main PC will be a windows machine until I can have confidence that new game releases will be supported on another OS.
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