Earn $100 credit toward an 80GB PS3 in return for your PS2

By on April 27, 2009, 7:10 PM
If youíve ever had the urge to purchase a Sony PlayStation 3 and turned up a Franklin short, a current promotion going on at your local GameStop and EB Games might be worth investigating. The offer basically entails you dragging your old PS2 into one of the local stores enrolled in the promotion and youíll be credited $100 toward your purchase of an 80GB PS3. Along with your actual console, youíll be expected to hand over the AV cable, power cord, a Sony brand dual shock PS2 controller and three PS2 games with a $2 trade-in value each Ė all fully functional, of course.

Being that the PS3 has had a less-than-stellar success and that retail outlets donít see a significant income from console sales alone, itís an understandable proposition from GameStopís standpoint. Reselling the PS2 and games probably wonít result in much, if any earnings, but by luring you into obtaining a next-gen console, GameStop secures the sale of its games and garnishes, which is where the true profit lies.

Considering backwards compatibility has been yanked from the PlayStation 3, however, do you see the incentive in doing this or would you rather keep your valuable PS2 games library intact and playable?

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InsaneVr6 said:
Wow i didnt hear about this. This is amazing I am definately doing it.My ps2 and my library of games are all functional. But I dont like to dwell in the past. The ps3 is the most powerful gaming console out there. There is no reason to keep a ps2 when you have a ps3.Blu-Ray ftw.
tengeta said:
My PS2, even being the fat old model, is working and not leaving its spot.Otherwise I have a huge PS2 game collection to sell on ebay, which I guess would be pretty awesome.
czplayer said:
Seems like a very good deal if you want a ps3 and I was surprised to see them doing it, but since there is no backwards compat. I wouldn't even think about trading in my ps2.
polidiotic said:
They should really just drop the price by $100 for all versions. It's absolutely absurd that they're keeping the price this high, especially when other blu-ray players, as well as newer consoles, have been dropping their prices consistently. 1st-4th gen blu-ray players can be had for $150-200 if you're looking in the right place. 5th-6th gen players cost anywhere from $230-400. Wii can be had for $200-250, and Xbox 360 can be had for $120-400 (depending on the version, bundles and where you get it). It's time for Sony to get realistic.
anguis said:
Sony's PS3 is also more technically advanced and much more stable than the XBox 360, and both those units are WAY more advanced than the Wii.Production costs of the PS3 are naturally higher, and even with all that, the XBox 360 Elite, which is the most comparable version to the 80GB PS3, is around the same price.So realistically speaking, Sony isn't being unrealistic about their pricing schemes.Now, what would be nice to see would be Sony to package 2 games and 2 controllers with the PS3 at the same price. That creates more incentive to buy it.
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