Time's top ten tech failures of the last decade

By on May 16, 2009, 7:31 PM
Time has taken a dip into the recent history of tech blunders. They describe the article as a look at the best-funded and most-publicized tech launches of the last ten years which ended in failure. Some of the products and services listed aren’t much of a surprise, while others were quite unexpected.

They open the list up with Windows Vista, one of the more recognized bloopers of modern times. The OS was supposed to deliver improved security over its predecessor Windows XP, which it somewhat failed at - not to mention that it runs more sluggishly. Microsoft’s attempt at an iPod killer, the Zune, also made the list for obvious reasons.

Other companies, services and technologies to make the list include Gateway, HD DVD, Vonage, YouTube, Sirius XM, Palm, Iridium and Segway. Most of which probably don’t require an explanation, but I have to admit that YouTube was entirely unforeseen on my end. The article suggests that despite YouTube’s vast hold on the personal video sharing market, Google’s investment of $1.65 billion is unlikely to bring a future return profit.

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onearmedscissor said:
Kind of a silly article. I'd have traded the PS3 for YouTube. Even if YouTube never makes money, they're just speculating that it will lose money in the future. That hardly qualifies it as one of the greatest failures of the LAST decade. It still does a lot, maybe more than anything else, to make today's internet what it is, compared to what it was only a few years ago.The PS3, however, took Sony from the unmatched success of the PS2, down to a never ending cash leak that's so bad it threatens the future of Sony's video game division, even as the PS2 continues to have the highest sales of all the consoles, 9 years after its release. It's hard to have a more monumental failure than that.
tengeta said:
I was going to complain about Vista, but then I remembered ME came out in 99.
Matthew said:
Wasn't that officially released in 2000? Either way, definitely as bad as and probably worse than Vista. :) It's hard to measure one thing against another - in the end to make a top ten list like that, things have to be cut. Even if it were a top 25 list, there would inevitably be something "overlooked".That said, didn't even think about the PS3, good call. Not sure if it deserves to be on the list (and Time apparently didn't feel so), but a great mention nevertheless.Can anyone else think of some recent tech blunders? :)
DarkCobra said:
RIM's Blackberry Storm is a total and complete joke despite the few fanboys who are about to post that they just LOVE their Storm . . . LOL. I can name who they're gonna be too! Here they come . . . watch!
PanicX said:
I hate to say it, but AMD should be on the list too. You cant go as along as they have bleeding cash without notice.Also.... SCO Unix... WTF how'd they miss this list?
onearmedscissor said:
I don't know about AMD. Just because they've lost money over one period of time, doesn't mean they're one of the biggest failures of the decade. The world hasn't exactly worked in their favor. Even when they were technically beating the pants off of Intel, they weren't exactly stealing the market. And now we are seeing Intel potentially being fined for billions of dollars for the reasoning behind this.It's amazing that they manage to put up a fight and pressure Intel into dropping prices. And ATI has pretty much spanked Nvidia for the last year straight. They'll always be the underdog, but not a failure if they can keep that up.
Relic said:
I'd have to completely disagree with Youtube, that it's even on this list is ridiculous. Youtube made a huge impact on society (good or bad) with its videos (political blunders anyone?) that at least to me is one of the greatest things to come out of this decade. If this was "The 10 Biggest Financial Tech Failures..." or something along the line I could agree. Youtube just doesn't make money, if they came up with a Hulu like concept (before Hulu) on-top of user added content it'd be a completely different story. But regardless Douglas A. McIntyre I'm sorry but you are wrong and Youtube is a success.I'll agree with you again onearmedscissor, why isn't the PS3 there? While it is the BEST of the 3 major consoles (hardware wise) it's price is by far its worst aspect resulting in bad sales and the PS2 is still more successful then it...[b]Originally posted by Matthew:[/b][quote]Can anyone else think of some recent tech blunders? :)[/quote][url=http://www.pcauthority.com.au/News/145271,top
10-disappointing-technologies.aspx]Here's another article [/url]on the subject that just came out - more Tech related thou rather then only sales / profit from Times. I would agree with most of it.[Edited by Relic on 2009-05-18 00:05:59][Edited by Relic on 2009-05-18 00:06:39]
abstrait said:
Add this article to the list of Top 10 tech reporting failures of the last decade.
isamuelson said:
How about Duke Nukem Forever? Or how about 3D Realms themselves? Bleeding cash by promosing DNF? Wow!
yukka said:
i would definately include windows millenium before Vista. it was the last drawn out death throw of the original non-nt windows kernal and was utterly pointless except attempting to cash in on the turn of the century.i agree about youtube and wonder why duke nukem wasnt included. the writer bought into the hype when he included vista imo.
Darth Shiv said:
[b]Originally posted by onearmedscissor:[/b][quote]Kind of a silly article. I'd have traded the PS3 for YouTube. Even if YouTube never makes money, they're just speculating that it will lose money in the future. That hardly qualifies it as one of the greatest failures of the LAST decade. It still does a lot, maybe more than anything else, to make today's internet what it is, compared to what it was only a few years ago.[/quote]Yeah not sure it qualifies yet. They should wait and see before judging it.
Jibberish18 said:
This was a big topic on another forum I frequent. The list seems to be talking about FINANCIAL failures moreso than technical failures. To me at least. Some of those products as "TECH" products treaded unstable waters that other companies didn't want to tread.
gobbybobby said:
Vista was not a total faliure, I have had no problems with it, but then I have a PC that can run it without freezing up like my freinds Half a gig ram 1.6 Gh/Z laptop. I think the minimum specs shuld have been higher, You need at least 2 gigs of ram to run it without it taking half and hour too load up. Also I don't think the PS3 was a total faliure, its just people being cheap and not buying one, in my opinion. Its a great console, I say this as my 360 just broke again, Y is that not on the list, they should make one about poorly designed tech.
windmill007 said:
@DarkCobra --- do I detect a Iphone Fanboy?Now thats a joke
Darth Shiv said:
Just had a thought... what about Windows Home Server? Being a file server, you would think a file corruption bug that is not fixed for over 12 months is a problem. Particularly if it affects writing to network shares, plus a few other minor things. That has to be a catastophic failure.[url]http://technologyexpert.blogspot.com/2007/12/mi
dia.org/wiki/Windows_Home_Server#File_corruption[/url]RTM was January 2007. Flaw fixed July 2008. Pathetic.
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