Microsoft celebrates 30 million Xbox 360s sold

By Justin Mann on May 28, 2009, 1:01 PM
Microsoft is applauding their own effort with the Xbox 360 this week, announcing that the popular console has managed to exceed a total of 30 million consoles sold. Originally launched in 2005, the 360 is struggling to keep up with the Wii, but has remained in a strong number two position for current-gen consoles quite some time. That position is strengthened by its online presence, with Microsoft estimating more than 20 million active Xbox Live subscribers. Content refreshes also have helped keep sales strong, with software improvements and more online services available through the console both serving as selling points.

Thirty million over nearly four years is decent, but there is something else worth paying attention to here. Online content has clearly become a huge part of console gaming, so much so that the online experience is a huge part of owning a console these days. The fact that constant software updates, and even some minor hardware refreshes, are now a reality of modern console development should also play a part in sales. After all, there's a huge difference in buying a four year old console and buying a “current-gen” gaming rig.

Many gamers don't have computers which last four years, so seeing strong staying power in consoles is encouraging. For those of you who own consoles: Did the ability for the console to remain “current” play a part in your decision to buy it?

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Rejuvenation said:
I haven't owned any consoles since ps2 and don't mind upgrading my computer every couple years. As someone who enjoys FPS games I simply can't tolerate the awkward single, or double joystick approach to aiming. It's either a mouse + keyboard or nothing for me. Maybe there's some obscure way to use a keyboard + mouse on a console, but it's unknown to me. I think the standardization and intuitiveness of the console will always be one of its strongest selling points for the average person. You really don't have to know anything about technology to enjoy a console. Buying or customizing a pc for game usage is a bit more complex.
wolfram said:
Well I have a 360 and a PC, and I enjoy both a lot. I use the PC more but console gaming will always be cheaper. Its nice to buy new games without worrying about hardware and FPS.BTW, I have COD4 on 360 and PC, and I can play the console version without a single problem. Yes its easier to aim on PC, but console aiming isn't that hard, you just need more practice ( and no, its doesn't have excessive auto-aiming) :)
TomSEA said:
There was a day when I had both PC and consoles. The games are just much better designed and played on a PC these days so I don't bother with consoles any longer. A good example is Fallout 3. I watched a friend play it on his XBox 360 the other day and it's just not the same game as on a PC. Frankly, an eye-opener as to the differences in gameplay control and particularly graphics and greatly reinforced my opinion that I don't need a console.BTW - Nintendo also (and conveniently) announced today that they have sold 50 million copies of the Wii:[url][/url]
aolish said:
wolfram: thats what every console gamer says that auto-aiming doesn't make a difference. In reality it really does. The Halo games are notorious to have aim assist even if you disable it. Its always there to some degree, this is probably the same with many others. Aim assist is MANDATORY on consoles!!! You have no idea how hard it would be to aim if it wasn't for aim assist. The reason why many think auto-aim doesn't make much of a difference is because they never actually played an fps game for consoles that doesn't have auto aim at all. The VAST, probably all fps games have some sort of aim assist even though players say there is none, aim assist features of today are extremely well done and very well hidden. One game that comes into mind are the Gears series. Many people says there is no aim assist in Gears 1 and 2 but yet there is! Youtube it and you'll see for yourself. Many aim assist is done in a way where its extremely unnoticeable. Why let customers know that they are being helped??? No one wants to do that. Am I saying console FPS games are easy pick-up fps games? Of course not, they definitely have there fair share of skill just like any other game but you can't deny that aim assist plays a HUGE role into assisting players to play better. The average console gamer probably doesn't even know what an aim assist is anyway.[Edited by aolish on 2009-05-28 18:06:01]
Julio said:
[b]Originally posted by TomSEA:[/b][quote]BTW - Nintendo also (and conveniently) announced today that they have sold 50 million copies of the Wii:[url][/url][/qu
te]Ha, ha. So typical.In my case I also own a 360 along with a PC though I rarely overlap its uses besides the occasional TV streaming. I like the Xbox better for sports games and things like Rock band. For FPS and strategy games I definitely prefer the PC.
tengeta said:
Not 100% true, I've gotten way too good at controller shooters.Aim assist on the 360 actually messes me up more often than helps, it only helps people who can't get the sticks moving at the same time.
Rick said:
In FPS games, if you are as good with a controller as you are with a mouse/keyboard -- You aren't using your mouse/keyboard right. :-)Some methods of control are just simply superior to others for certain functions. Keep in mind that FPS games *were* designed specifically for computers (mouse and keyboard).
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